View of Grand Etang Lake and Rainforest


Run through rainforests and wander with wildlife in the heart of the Caribbean.
The Caribbean is a lush, mysterious land filled with rainforests and nature reserves of tropical beauty. Stop in Puerto Rico and head to El Yunque National Rainforest to trek along tree-lined, misty trails that lead to cascading waterfalls. If you're searching for serenity, swing by the Grand Etang National Park in Grenada, where peaceful greenery surrounds a shimmering lake. If animal adventures are more what you're looking for, visit the rainforest island of Dominica, where you can try to keep pace with quick-footed agoutis (think of a guinea pig, but cuter) or be on the lookout for agile hummingbirds in the protected lands of the nature reserves. For even more rainforest magic, stop in Costa Rica and venture into San Luis Park, where you can zip-line through the forest and capture its wild beauty from above.

Known as the only tropical rainforest in the United States, El Yunque — less than an hour's drive from San Juan, in the eastern town of Fajardo, Puerto Rico — is home to La Mina waterfall, multiple trails and a visitor center. Take a self-tour with the provided trail maps or join a group tour to trek through the forest with companions. Either way, you'll be enchanted by the fresh smells, earthy sounds and refreshing waters of the splashing waterfalls during your vacation.
With a myriad of ecological subsystems all existing in harmony within the same compound, the Grand Etang Forest Reserve in Grenada is home to stunning mahogany and gommier trees. As you explore the indigenous flora surrounding the Grand Etang Lake, keep your eyes peeled for local beauties like soursop, a creamy-textured fruit with a distinctive spiked skin.
Go on an vacation adventure in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park in Jamaica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just a stone's throw away from Ocho Rios, where you can walk amongst endemic species of flora and fauna, explore historic maroon communities and indulge in what is arguably Jamaica's best coffee: Blue Mountain.   

San Luis Park, the adventure park of Costa Rica — about a 90-minute drive from the port at Puntarenas — offers canopy tours, rappelling, river rafting, hiking trails, a butterfly farm and a tour called the Tarzan Swing. For family fun, raft through the rapids or howl along with the local monkeys.
Dive Into the Depths of the Caribbean
One of nine national parks in the Dominican Republic, Parque Nacional del Este — a quick 50-minute drive from Punta Cana — hosts over 500 species of flowers and 300 species of birds. If you're looking for aquatic adventures, dive with dolphins or capture the beauty of the coral reefs in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea right off the coast of the park.
Get to know wild creatures like the cute, beaver-like hutia that lives in the mangrove park of Los Haitises National Park, found in the Dominican Republic, about a two-hour drive from Punta Cana. On your adventure through this wonderland, which is home to the biggest population of native birds on the entire island, you're sure to fix your eyes on some fabulous flyers.   



Explore the vibrant life of the Caribbean rainforests and nature reserves, where you can shower under a waterfall, discover rare local species, swing from the trees or swim in a natural pool.
Beautiful Hiking Path, El Yunque National Park.

Keepin' It Tropical

If you want to explore on your own, grab a map of the tropical rainforest and discover its wonders at your own pace, but be sure to make stops for swimming in the turquoise waters or taking in the beautiful views of the rainforest national parks near Punta Cana or El Yunque near San Juan.

People Enjoying Ziplining in Labadee, Haiti.

Preserve your memories

National reserves and parks are great ways to explore a Caribbean island's wild nature with a guide. If you're looking for an adventure, make sure you take a tour of the area and sign up for different activities, from rappelling to zip-lining at Morne Trois Pitons National Park in Dominica, or Grenada's Grand Etang National Park.

Don’t Mist Out On Adventure

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Fortified for the Forests

Many species of plants and animals call the Caribbean rainforests home, so as you enjoy the beauty of the verdant slopes, make sure not to disrupt their habitats. Snapping photos is a great alternative to touching the animals, and disposing of garbage properly is always a key component of respecting the rainforests.

Another way of helping protect these beautiful locations is visiting. By witnessing the wonders of the rainforests and reserves firsthand, you are helping to fund the protection of the land. The rainforests and reserves of the Caribbean, many considered to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are the pride and joy of locals living on these islands. Enjoy them responsibly during your next vacation.

Insider Tips

1 Make sure to bring proper wear for your rainforest travel adventure. Comfortable closed-toed shoes, a hat and sunscreen are must-haves.
2 A swimsuit is never a bad idea because you never know when you'll get the urge to jump into a waterfall or blue hole.
3 Keep an eye open for the distinctive wildlife of the region: Look (and listen) for the small coqui tree frog of El Yunque, whose distinctive song sounds like its name, and the bushy-cheeked Mona monkey of Grand Etang National Park in Grenada.


Travel the Southern Caribbean and wander down the colorful streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Or trek the rainforests of Saint Lucia. On the Western side of the Caribbean, dive into the crystal clear waters of Grand Cayman or explore the ruins of Tulum when you make port in Cozumel. Eastern Caribbean cruises will bring you to St. Thomas, where you can take in stunning panoramic views of the island at Government Hill or to St. Maarten, where you can dine on some of the region's best cuisine.

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