Panoramic view of the  Napali Coast, Hawaii

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Na Pali means "high cliffs" in Hawaiian, and as you cruise past the Napali Coast, you'll understand exactly why it got its name. Passing by, you'll see the sheer magnitude of the shoreline's steep cliffs that rise as high as 4,000 feet above the ocean below. These rugged headlands make up a state park, known as Napali Coast State Park. You can find these on the northwest of Kauai, stretching 16 miles along the turquoise coastline. Start your Hawaii cruise vacation and experience the awe of nature through this rare, prehistoric landscape, keeping an eye out for cascading waterfalls, mysterious sea caves and lush green valleys.

Things To Do in Napali Coast (Cruising)

Dramatic rugged hills of the Napali Coast, Hawaii
Dramatic rugged hills of the Napali Coast, Hawaii

Catch the Cliffs

Capture the signature natural wonder of the Napali Coast: the high cliffs. These lush, green mountains and their sharp, dramatic peaks tower up to 4,000 feet above the turquoise sea below.

Exotic tropical paradise in Napali Coast, Hawaii
Exotic tropical paradise in Napali Coast, Hawaii

Valley Views

The counterpart to Napali's soaring cliffs is the dense jungle landscape that surrounds them. Catch a glimpse of the Kalalau Trail, with its lush valleys that lead to waterfalls, fruit trees and secluded forests.

Dramatic rugged hills of the Napali Coast, Hawaii
Dramatic rugged hills of the Napali Coast, Hawaii

Wonders in Miniature

There are also plenty of smaller-scale natural wonders to check out as you cruise by the Nepali Coast. Keep an eye out for the grottoes and hidden beaches of the Kalalau Valley. You can also spot mysterious sea caves and the 1,300 different species of native plants that thrive in this Hawaii area.

1 Try different ways of experiencing the Napali coast — each will give you an entirely new view of the place.
2 The Kalalau Trail crosses five different valleys and culminates at serene Kalalau Beach.

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