A balloon ride is a bucket list staple, and on Perfect Day® at CocoCay® it’s just one of the many unforgettable experiences you can conquer. While the ride up is gentle, you’ll still feel the thrill as you ascend high above the island. 


The scenery is bound to be spectacular wherever you are on the island, but nothing beats the breathtaking panoramic views you’ll score from the tallest vantage point in The Bahamas as you float up to 137 metres above crystal blue seas and sandy shores.  


Once you’ve taken in the sights from high up in the air on Up, Up and Away, change your perspective and find out what kinds of wonders you can spot at sea level. Hop over to Chill Island℠ and gear up for some epic snorkelling. 

Insider Tips

1 You’ll be 137 metres closer to the sun on this ride, so make sure you reapply that sunscreen.
2 These views make for great selfie backdrops, but be careful not to drop your phone.
3 Passengers aged three and younger can ride for free with an adult admission.
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