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Questions related to Activities & Shore Excursions

Royal Caribbean's excursions include: Adventure Tours - Looking for a real adventure? These excursions have you covered. Horseback riding, mountain biking, parasailing, rain forest hiking, and 4x4 off-roading are just a few examples of what you can d...
Guests can book a Shore Excursion by visiting the Shore Excursion desk onboard during their cruise. Guests may also visit Cruise Planner to purchase excursions before they cruise. You may view and purchase available shore excursions once you've reser...
There's no better way to excite every member of your family than with a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. We offer a huge variety of activities onboard and excursions on shore, so you can explore and have fun as a group or break out and do the things ...
For Specialty Restaurants, you can make your reservations online up to 2 days before your cruise begins. Once onboard you can reserve by going or calling directly to the restaurant to make your reservation. Reservations for our Spa and Salon can be m...
Group reservations for activities, spa or dining venues can be made on MyCruise in Pre-Cruise Planner, or through one of our Customer Service agents on (UK) 0344 493 4005 or (Ireland) 1800 555 604. We have a dedicated Group Shore Excursion team that ...
Yes. Waivers are required for all guests wishing to ride the Flowrider® or participate in ice skating. Waivers can be signed online or they can be signed at the sports desk for Flowrider or at the time ice skating is offered at Studio B. 
Once onboard please check with the Box Office or log into the Royal Caribbean app (App Store or Google Play) to see if there are any available bookings.
The Key is a program that provides Royal Caribbean International guests with premier access to exclusive experiences during their cruise vacation. 
The Cruise Compass keeps you in-the-know about everything there is to see and do both onboard and off. Think show times, restaurant open times, when and where bingo will be played, and what shops have sales. It also provides details about the amazing...
The Key is available for purchase after you book when you access Cruise Planner and is not for sale onboard. The Key is offered at a per day, per person price and all guests 6 and older in a reservation need to purchase The Key to receive the benefit...
Requirements for going ashore vary based on port of departure, ports of call and vaccination status. This is due to the varying ordinances at federal, state, and local levels, as well as the ongoing evaluation of public health in each region. We will...
Yes. Children's pricing is valid for children 12 and under. Infants ages 3 and under will be carried free of charge, subject to them not occupying a seat. Tour tickets for infants are not issued, but once onboard the ship, the appropriate staff must ...
Guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years of age. Please note that we must adhere to any age restriction imposed by the tour operator, which is usually referenced within the excursion descriptio...
Tipping of any service personnel encountered on any shore excursion is strictly optional. 
Yes. Shore Excursions are offered in every port of call.
Dress codes vary depending on the port of call and/or the venue visited on a tour. If a specific dress code is needed, it will be listed on the tour description for the shore excursion.
Yes. Please ensure that there is ample time between excursions. Start times and lengths of the tours can be found within the tour description.
Yes. Please check Cruise Planner or the Shore Excursion desk once onboard to view the options for your sailing.
Not all shore excursions include a guide. Please check the tour description for more information.
Some shore excursions may require a waiver. Please check the tour description for more information.
There may be opportunities to buy souvenirs, food and drinks during your shore excursions.  Please check the tour description for more information on what is included and where your excursion will stop. 
Booking excursions allows our guests to enjoy: CONVENIENCE – One-stop-shop for all your planning VARIETY – Excursions for every type of traveler PRIORITY – First off the ship for more adventure
When you book a shore excursion through Royal Caribbean, we guarantee that if your tour is delayed, the ship will wait for you. In the unlikely event that your tour is significantly delayed, and the ship cannot wait, we will make all the arrangements...
Tickets will be delivered to your stateroom on boarding day if they were purchased pre-cruise. For excursions booked onboard, tickets will either be distributed at the time of purchase or delivered to your stateroom that evening.  
Excursions can be modified or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to port arrival without penalty. Tours involving flights, train, special events, overnight stays, hotel stays, and Private Journeys must be cancelled 30 days prior to sailing to avoid cance...
If you cancel your cruise with pre-booked shore excursions, you will receive a full refund. The cancelled tour(s) will be refunded to your credit card.
Always bring your Seapass card, photo identification as well as your shore excursion ticket(s). Please check the tour description for more information on what you should bring with you.
Yes. Some itineraries may include onboard talks and/or port lectures. Please check your Cruise Compass once onboard for availability. 
The best time to book a shore excursion is pre-cruise, through Cruise Planner. This ensures the greatest selection and availability for all shore excursions.
Yes. Shore excursion times are based on the ship’s time.
Working hours will be announced on board in the ship's daily program. Normally, the office will be closed while the vessel is in port, unless otherwise stated. Shore Excursion tickets are always available for purchase at the Guest Relations Desk.
The meeting point for all shore excursions will be stated on your ticket once you receive it onboard.
Yes. A refund will be given if a shore excursion is cancelled due to a ship missing a port of call. 
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any Shore Excursion due to inclement weather conditions, or for any other reason whatsoever, and shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever to guests by reason of such cancellation. Full refu...
Entrance fees to all museums and sites are included in the price of the respective shore excursions unless otherwise stated. Occasionally, a small extra charge is levied if photographs are taken, and this is not included.
Yes. Shore Excursions are offered by insured tour operators who act as independent contractors.
Yes. Guests who booked shore excursions will be the first off the ship to maximize adventure.
Any accessible needs should be directed to the experts on our Accessibility Shore Excursion team at royalspecialservicesuk@rccl.com.

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