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Explore Viking Age history and jaw-dropping fjords.
In Norway, you'll admire everything from the deep blue fjords to the snow-capped mountain peaks. Cruise to Norway and head to the inner end of the stunning Aurlandsfjorden to join a fairy tale ride along the Flam Railway, one of the steepest railway tracks in the world. In Honningsvag, situated above the Arctic Circle, admire the views across the sea to the Svalbard Islands and the North Pole, and watch the indigenous Sami people herd raucous reindeer through the area. Stroll through Bergen's Bryggen neighbourhood, with its medieval cobblestone alleyways and colourfully painted houses or go shopping in the small boutiques that offer handmade Sami crafts. Whether you're looking to feast on traditional Nordic king crab or hoping to see the massive glacial walls of the Svalbard Islands, you can do it all in this northern paradise.

The Jewels of the North
Norway is famous for its fjords, the narrow, steep-sided inlets formed by retreating glaciers at the end of the Ice Age. Head to Geiranger to see Europe's highest fjord, or explore Molde's 12-mile fjord that winds through the archipelago. No matter how you choose to ford the fjords, you'll see why Norway is known for these natural wonders.
Different parts of Norway offer unique specialities and tasty delicacies. Most dishes include fish and seafood straight from the sea, but you can head to Naboen Pub and Restaurant in Bergen or Dovrehallen in Oslo for meat dishes featuring mutton, beef or reindeer. Try pancakes stuffed with bacon, sour cream and lingonberry jam, or warm up with a creamy fish soup.
In Norway, you're never far from the natural world. Cruise to Norway to hike or bike the many trails of Molde to see views of 222 mountain peaks, or trek along the Geiranger Skywalk to see aerial views of glaciers below. In Stavanger, hike up the well-marked paths to the impressive cliff of Prekestol, or simply enjoy the tranquility and quietness of Flam Valley.

Explore the remains of medieval Oslo in Gamlebyen (Old Town), and admire the charming wooden houses. In Bergen, wander alongside the wharf and through the narrow alleyways of Bryggen, the oldest part of Bergen founded in 1070. Here you'll walk amongst colorful UNESCO-listed wooden buildings, preserved or rebuilt in their original Medieval style.
Travel to the southern city of Kristiansand to visit the picturesque Christiansholm Fortress, built in the 17th century on the seaside promenade in the city centre. Walk along five-metre-thick walls, built to protect the city from pirate assaults. In Oslo, don't miss the Akerhus Castle and Fortress built in 1299, which has also functioned as a royal residence and a prison. You'll find history everywhere you look during your Norway holiday.

In Norway's larger cities, like Oslo and Bergen, you can go shopping in big shopping centres and department stores, but there are also many small boutiques, antique shops and markets all throughout the country. The small trendy design stores are stocked with gifts and souvenirs like Norwegian brown cheese or knitted jumpers. In the smaller towns, you'll often find unique shops with handmade crafts like Viking drinking horns.

There's Nor-way you'll want to miss this

Enjoy the impressive views of the steep mountainsides, flowing waterfalls and narrow valleys of the Norwegian countryside. Immerse yourself in the local culture by admiring the colourful wooden houses and medieval ruins and indulging in the fresh regional cuisine. When you visit Norway, you'll find like you've entered a whole new world.
Aurlands Fjorden Norway


Originally a Norwegian word describing a narrow inlet formed within a glacial valley, the term 'fjord' has since gone international. Norway is home to no less than 1,000 fjords, so be sure to check out the country via these winding waterways. Admire the Geirangerfjord in Geiranger, the Aurlandsfjord in Flam or the Lustrafjord in Skjolden for a heavenly view.

Iceland Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa


While you're in the region, why not explore some other Northern European cities? Norway's neighbouring countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, each have their unforgettably unique characteristics, so be sure to relax in Reykjavik, Iceland's geothermal spa surrounded by volcanic vistas, or stroll through the stylish Swedish capital, built across 14 islands.



In Norway, you'll find many higher-end restaurants transforming local ingredients into refined, modern plates. But there's also no shortage of hearty traditional far in the smaller towns or hip international cuisine in the bigger cities. If you're looking for delectable seafood dishes during your holiday, Norway is the place to go.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Northern Europeans know a thing or two about pastry. If you're in the mood for a sweet treat for breakfast or with afternoon tea, pop into a traditional Norwegian bakery and try the norsk kanelboller, a cardamon-scented dough pastry, or skillingsboller, the Scandinavian cinnamon bun.
Straight from the Sea
Throughout Norway, menus in both high-end eateries and humble, family-run spots reflect the long-held local fishing traditions. King crab risotto, creamy fish soup, mussels, poached salmon, tasty fish soups and crispy cod tongues are some of the regional favourites.
Meat Your New Favourite Comfort Food
Kjottkaker, a popular dish of pan-fried meatballs with onions and spices, can be found nearly everywhere in Norway. It's typically served in a stick-to-your-ribs gravy or lingonberry jam and enjoyed alongside potatoes and vegetables.


Viking history, sky-high breathtaking fjords, the northern lights and cosy costal towns all complete the vibrant picture of a Norway Cruise. Make your way to ports like Skjolden, Geiranger, Flam and Bergen.

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