Rocks lining the sea wall in Alesund, Norway

Cruise to Alesund, Norway

Alesund is a small but lively city with a unique modern feel. A rebuilding effort following a major fire in 1904 gave the city its distinctive Art Nouveau — or "Jugendstil" — architectural style, defined its ornate details, asymmetrical facades and curving forms meant to resemble plants, animals and flowers. From the city park, walk up the 418 steps to the city's peak, Aksla — you'll be rewarded with a gorgeous panoramic view on the city, the islands and the rugged Sunnmorsalpane mountain range. Alesund is the home base for Norway's largest cod fishing fleet, so you won't have to go far to try some of the delicious and fresh seafood dishes during your Norway cruise.
National Language Norwegian
Currency Accepted Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Things To Do in Alesund

Several historic art nouveau buildings in Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway Historic Art Nouveau Building

Art Nouveau Artifacts

Art Nouveau Artifacts

Visit Jugendstil Senteret, a former pharmacy and the first listed Jugendstil monument in Alesund. Take an up-close look at this unique take on the Art Nouveau style, with its many floral patterns. Learn more about the rebuilding of the city after the great fire in 1904. Next door is Kube, Alesund's primary contemporary art space.

a person sitting in front of an aquarium display as fish swim by

Alesund, Norway Aquarium

Aquatic Adventure

Aquatic Adventure

Head to Atlanterhavsparken, a 4 million liter aquarium just three kilometers from the town center. The place is teeming North Atlantic undersea life. Kids can feed the fish at the touch pool, and there are also penguin and seal exhibits. Admire the coastal scenery from the walking trails that start here.

various trays with street food

Alesund, Norway Street Food

Festival Frenzy

Alesund is well-known for the many concerts and festivals that take place here. Have a look at what's on when you're in town. Popular events include the Alesund Theatre Festival, the Norwegian Food Festival and art and music festivals such as Jugendfest and Trandal Country Festival.

A bowl of fish soup

Alesund, Norway Bowl of Fish Soup

Local Cuisine

Alesund has several excellent top-end dining options — and naturally, seafood is the highlight. Try the salt cod, pan-fried cod tongues, mussels, poached salmon or tasty fish soups. For breakfast or an afternoon treat, sit down at a patisserie, cafe or espresso bar and enjoy a cup of strong coffee alongside a Solskinnskringle, a classic vanilla custard-based pastry.

A blue traditional Norwegian bowl with fish decorations

Alesund, Norway Traditional Norwegian Hand Crafted Bowl


Head to Moloveien Street in the old harbor district near the fishing museum. You'll find several buildings from the period before the big fire in 1904. Among them are unique local shops specializing in everything from collectible Norwegian antiques to handcrafted glasswork and home goods.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Norway is on its way to becoming a cashless society — you might actually find spots that accept only credit cards.
2 Get the booklet "Along the Streets of Alesund" from the Tourist Office — it'll guide you on a walking tour of the town's architectural highlights.

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