The Josetedalsbreen Glacier in Norway

Cruise to Olden, Norway

Fresh air and icy beauty are the hallmarks of Olden, known as the Gateway to the Glaciers. Come here to explore the Jostedal Glacier — not only can you take in views of this natural wonder, you can also head to Jostedalsbreen National Park and hike the blue ice yourself. Thanks to Olden's location at the northern end of Oldedalen Valley, you'll find an unexpectedly dramatic landscape dotted with valleys, waterfalls and mountains. Explore the town by foot, boat or bike, and head into a gallery to discover why Olden is an emerging center for contemporary design. Cruise to Norway to check out the Old Olden Church for a unique look into local religious traditions.
National Language Norwegian
Currency Accepted Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Things To Do in Olden

A narrow metal bridge in Norway

Olden, Norway, Narrow bridge

Suspend Your Disbelief

Suspend Your Disbelief

Want an adventure en route to views from the top of the steep mountains of Nordfjord? Get there via wire and suspension bridges on the Via Ferrata Loen. Don't worry: Guides take you the whole way, and you're always attached to a harness.

View of a fjord near Olden, Norway

Olden, Norway, View of Fjord

Heavenly Vista

Heavenly Vista

Take the three-hour round-trip guided hike to Mount Hoven Viewpoint. More than 1,000 meters above sea level, it offers some of the best views over Nordfjord and the villages of Olden and Loen. The Loen Skylift will get you there in equally beautiful but less strenuous fashion.

A man holding a crayfish

Olden, Norway, Man holding a crayfish

Catch Some Crayfish

Crayfish is highly prized in Scandinavia — and this is your chance to find out why. Take the quick trip from Olden Quay out into Nordfjord, where crayfish pots await you. Back on shore, you'll cook your tasty catch on an open fire during your Norway cruise.

Three venison cheeseburgers with toppings

Olden, Norway, Venison Burger

Local Cuisine

The food in Olden reflects the area's farming and fishing traditions. Most of the restaurants are conveniently located nearby the major spots for hiking and outdoor adventure. Cruise to Norway to try a venison burger or mountain trout served with potatoes, and save some room for cloudberry ice cream for dessert.

An assortment of traditional Norwegian leather bags

Olden, Norway, Leather Bags


Just minutes from the port, you'll find a number of shops to browse, including some excellent fashion outlets and local gift shops selling Norwegian wools, leather and pewter handicrafts. Riccovera, one of Norway's most famous and modern fashion brands, has a shop in Olden catering to both men and women.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Stop by the Olden Visitor Center, which is always buzzing with activity, as well as locals eager to answer your questions.
2 Just up the road from the village is the Old Olden Church (not to be confused with Olden Church), which gives some insight into how villagers worshipped in the late 1700s.
3 A bit further afield is the Nordfjord Folk Museum in Sandane, just over 50 kilometers from Olden, where the attractions include Holvikejekta, a giant traditional freight ship.

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