Northern lights over arctic terrain in Norway

Cruise to Honningsvag, Norway

Situated above the Arctic Circle, Honningsvag is surrounded by fjords and waterfalls, offering views across the sea to the Svalbard Islands and the North Pole. First settled more than 10 thousand years ago, today you'll find a modern downtown area around the harbor. Shops sell local crafts, including traditional Sami jewelry, as well as sleek Scandinavian home decor. Jump onboard a Norwegian fjords cruise and watch the indigenous Sami people herd reindeer through the area, and explore the history of the area at the Nordkappmuseet. Then, head to one of the restaurants in the harbor area for king crab risotto.
National Language Norwegian
Currency Accepted Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Things To Do in Honningsvag

A sphere monument on a cliff in Honningsvag, Norway

Honningsvag, Norway, Cliff Monument

Northern Limits

Northern Limits

When you come to the North Cape, stand on the edge of the cliff with the iconic globe monument closeby, and look to the Svalbard Islands: they're the only things separating you from the North Pole. Time your visit for a viewing of the Northern Lights — this is one of the best spots in the world to see them. Visit between October and March for the best chance of seeing these vibrant colors dance across the sky.

Two puffins standing on a rock

Honningsvag, Norway, Puffins

Bird Safari

Bird Safari

Just west of the North Cape, you'll find Gjesvaerstappan, one of the biggest bird cliffs in Norway. Nearly one million puffins live here, along with a plethora of other species, including gannets, kittwakes and northern fulmars.

A crowd watching a theatrical performance

Honningsvag, Norway, Theatrical Performance

Explore the Arts

You might be surprised to find this small northern town is home to excellent theater. The Perleporten Kulturhus puts on plays and musicals that will make you think you're on Broadway or in the West End.

A plate of pesto arugula risotto topped with king crab

Honningsvag, Norway, Pesto Arugula Risotto

Local Cuisine

In Honningsvag, menus reflect the long-held local fishing traditions, with King Crab as the star of the show. Tuck into one of the restaurants in the harbor area for distinctive seafood-inspired fare — king crab risotto, creamy fish soup and crispy cod tongues are some of the favorites.

Traditional Norwegian silver jewelry

Honningsvag, Norway, Traditional Silver Jewelry


Honningsvag has long attracted artists and craftspeople. Shops in the harbor area offer local handicrafts — you can find everything from indigenous Sami knitwear to fine silver jewelry traditional to Norway. Want to bring back something to hang on your wall? Check out one of the excellent art galleries.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 The Sami Church, just 10 minutes from the port, hosts a photo exhibition showing the destruction of Honningsvag during World War II, when the church was the only structure left standing.
2 The Arctico Ice Bar doesn't serve alcohol, but it does serve juice cocktails. Jackets are offered to all who enter.
3 The North Cape museum focuses on local history and culture, as well as the fishing industry. At least five exhibitions are staged each year, and guided tours are always available.

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