View of the scenic mountain landscape in Jotunheimen National Park near Skjolden, Norway

Cruise to Skjolden, Norway

Soak up the enchanting natural landscapes in Skjolden, a village at the end of the emerald-green Lustrafjorden. This idyllic town lies at the edge of Sognefjorden, the largest fjord in Norway. Stroll around the tranquil village, home to about 200 people. Admire the rolling farms and the greenery. You'll see it's no surprise this was a popular destination with Norwegian artists, who came here for inspiration in the 19th century. Visit the old Urnes Stave Church, a Viking Age church dating back to 1130 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 30 kilometers to the south. The narrow road there passes through idyllic villages — its picturesque vistas earn it the name Romantic Route.
National Language Norwegian
Currency Accepted Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Things To Do in Skjolden

The Urnes Stave Church with its surrounding cemetery in Norway

Skjolden, Norway, Urnes Stave Church

Carved From History

Carved From History

Visit the picturesque wooden Urnes Stave Church, part of UNESCO's World Heritage List. It was built around 1130 A.D., but the distinctive carvings on the north portal are from an even older church. The so-called stave churches are among Norway's most significant contributions to world architecture.

Rowan berries on a tree in Norway

Skjolden, Norway, Rowan berries on a tree

Quench Your Thirst

Quench Your Thirst

Try some delicious local berry juice in Safthuset, the Juice House museum between Skjolden and Urnes. The small factory, which opened its doors in 1909, is today Norway's leading jam- and juice-producing company, Lerum. Most of the original equipment is still in use. Groups can visit by arrangement.

View of a large glacier in Norway

Skjolden, Norway, Glacier

Blue Ice

Marvel at the Nigardsbreen glacier's ice, only one hour's drive from Skjolden. Nigardsbreen is one of the most accessible glaciers in Norway. You can either walk along the turquoise lake up to the glacier itself or take the boat across the lake.

A plate with meatballs and boiled potatoes and cabbage

Skjolden, Norway, Meatballs with potatoes and cabbage

Local Cuisine

In the village of Skjolden, you'll find a few quaint spots where you can grab a dinner of traditional fare while taking in views of the surrounding mountains. Try fylte pannekaker ("filled pancakes") stuffed with bacon, sour cream and lingonberry jam or local-beef meatballs served with cabbage stew and potatoes.

Handcrafted goods in Norway

Skjolden, Norway, Handcrafted goods


Skjolden is a small village, so shopping options are focus on the local and handcrafted. Browse through the handicraft items in the Fjordstova cultural center shop. Visit Husflidsbua, another arts and crafts shop in the village, including traditional patterned knitwear and hand-painted ceramics. Or purchase some berry juice and jam in Safthuset, the Juice House Museum.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 For free wireless internet, head to the Skjolden Hotel.
2 Skjolden Hotel also has rowing boats, kayaks, fishing equipment and bicycles for hire.

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