At Royal Caribbean, good enough, simply isn’t good enough. You see, we pride ourselves on having the best service at sea, and it’s all thanks to our incredible crew members. From the personal waiters, chefs and stateroom attendants, to the lifeguards and kids club staff, 100% of your gratuities will go directly to the incredible team who work so hard to make your holiday extraordinary.

Our assistants and head waiters go far beyond serving your food, but also make sure to remember your name AND your favourite wine. Our stateroom attendants don’t just service your room once, but TWICE a day with fresh pressed laundry and spectacular towel animals. Our fabulous chefs create plate after plate of mouth-watering dishes - up to 100,000 a day on an Oasis Class ship! And our lifeguards will keep you safe, whilst our pool attendants will keep your towels replenished all day, every day.

So really it isn’t so much to ask, to reward their time and efforts by prepaying at the time of booking. They won’t just appreciate it, but truly deserve it.

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