Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

RoyalUpSM – Upgrade Programme Terms and Conditions

  • RCL Cruises Limited’s upgrade programme, “RoyalUpSM” provides booked guests with an opportunity to submit a price offer to RCL for an upgrade from their original purchased stateroom category to a higher eligible stateroom category that may be available on their booked sailing..

  • RoyalUp only applies to eligible cruises, sail dates, and stateroom categories selected by RCL in its sole and absolute discretion. Not all cruises, stateroom categories, or bookings will be eligible, regardless of availability.

  • Following an invitation from RCL, guests may submit an Offer from 45 days prior to a sailing up to 48 hours before the departure date (the “Upgrade Window”).




  • Only guests who are named on an eligible booking for a selected sailing may participate in RoyalUp.

  • Invitations to guests to make an offer for an upgrade, and acceptance by RCL of offers or allocation of upgraded accommodation shall be at RCL’s sole discretion, and RCL does not warrant or imply that every booked guest will receive an invitation to upgrade, or that any offer for an upgrade by an eligible guest will be accepted by RCL.


Valid guest Email Required

  • RCL will only use a guest’s given email address associated with the booking in order to send an invitation to the guest to participate in RoyalUp.

  • Only the guest named in the email invitation is eligible to submit an offer for an upgrade. By submitting an offer, the guest represents to RCL that he or she has the authority to act on behalf of, and to bind the person or persons also named or included in the booking, to these Terms and Conditions.


Submitting an Offer

  • Only one offer may be submitted by a guest for any stateroom category on an eligible sailing. However, a guest may submit offers for more than one stateroom category. Offers may only be amended in accordance with the terms below.

  • The total amount of a payment offer by a guest shall consist of the per-person amount that the guest is willing to pay for an accommodation upgrade from the original booked stateroom category to a higher stateroom category on the same sailing, and shall be separate from and in addition to the amount paid for the original booking.

  • The offer amount shall only comprise the first and second guests in the booking (in other words, the offer amount will not be applicable to third and additional guests who will share the eligible stateroom if the offer is accepted).

  • For single occupancy guest bookings, the per-person bid amount is based on double occupancy, the total charge will be double the per-person bid amount entered, the total bid amount will be confirmed prior to submitting and completing the bid process.

  • Offers submitted by guests with an accessible stateroom already confirmed will be considered based on availability of accessible staterooms in the upgrade categories.

  • Prior to submitting an offer, the range of offers currently applicable to the upgrade will be displayed on the relevant web page. During the offer submission process, the guest will be required to provide a valid credit or debit card information.


Acceptance and Rejection of an Offer

  • If the offer is accepted by RCL, the guest will be notified within the Upgrade Window, and the total amount will be charged to the guest’s nominated credit or debit card.

  • RCL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine if an offer is accepted or not, regardless of stateroom availability.

  • RCL may accept or decline an offer at any time after the offer is submitted during the RoyalUp Upgrade Window up to 48 hours before the cruise departure date.

  • If RCL accepts an offer, the guest will receive an email confirming the acceptance of the Offer and the details of the upgraded stateroom booking. RCL will assign the on board location of the upgrade stateroom in its sole discretion. The upgrade stateroom will have sufficient berths to accommodate the total number of guests in the original stateroom/booking.

  • Please note that RCL does not warrant or imply that any upgraded stateroom will be free of any obstruction, such as lifeboat fastenings, pillars, or other design features in the upgraded stateroom that may partially hinder movement or obscure views.

  • Upon RCL’s acceptance of an offer, the total amount will be charged to the nominated credit card or debit card and shall become final and non-refundable except in the following circumstances: 1) RCL cancels the cruise, or 2) RCL cancels the cruise and re-books the guests onto another cruise in a stateroom class that is lower than the upgraded stateroom class. Any refund or credit will be limited to the upgrade charge and credited back to the credit card or debit card in the same currency of the upgrade charge; no other charges or fees of any type or nature will be refunded or credited.

  • If RCL does not accept the offer, the original booking will continue, and persons associated with the booking will travel in the original stateroom category. RCL will not offer and guests will not receive any compensation, consideration, or other benefit as a result of the offer not being accepted.


Modifying or Cancelling the Offer

  • Guest may modify or cancel an offer up to 48 hours prior to the cruise departure date, but only if the offer has not been already accepted or declined by RCL and if the credit card has not been charged. If guest modifies or cancels the offer during the Upgrade Window, the original offer will be voided, and if applicable, replaced with guest’s modified offer.


Modifying or Cancelling the Offer or Booking by guest After RCL Accepts the Offer

  • If RCL has accepted the offer, the offer cannot be modified or cancelled, and guest must pay the total amount due regardless of whether guest subsequently modifies or cancels the booking.

  • RCL will have no obligation to invite the guest to submit a new offer regarding a modified or new booking or to apply the Upgrade to the modified or new booking or to issue a refund or credit of any kind.


Modifying the Booking by RCL

  • If RCL for whatever reason re-books the guest or any person associated with the booking to another cruise departing on a date that is different from the original booking date, RCL may at its sole discretion transfer any offer made in relation to the original booking to the new booking, subject to availability of the upgraded stateroom category or at RCL’s discretion, another upgrade stateroom category.

  • RCL reserves the right to substitute an upgrade stateroom of at least equal value in the event of unavailability for reasons outside RCL’s control of any upgrade stateroom for which a guest has made an offer.

  • If no such upgrade is available, RCL will refund the offer amount to the guest.


General Terms

  • An offer amount will be deemed to include all taxes and fees applicable to the upgrade stateroom (which shall be advised to guest in the offer invitation, but does not include gratuities applicable to the upgraded stateroom. If you have prepaid gratuities you will automatically be charged the difference if your upgrade offer is accepted. Upgrade fare includes all existing booking facilities including accommodation, meals (excluding specialty dining), entertainment, and selected on board activities. Cruise Itineraries, dates, offer and pricing correct at time offer is accepted, but are subject to change and availability.

  • By submitting an Offer, guest agrees to the terms and conditions of the RoyalUp programme. It is a condition of acceptance by RCL of an offer made by a guest that these terms and conditions are accepted by such guest and that the entrant agrees to abide by these rules. Submission of an offer by a guest will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • Any offer to participate in the RoyalUp programme is non-transferable and applies only to the guest and booking identified in the email invitation.

  • Any promotions associated with the original booking will remain in effect.

  • Each offer is considered on an individual basis, meaning that RCL may not invite or accept offers for stateroom upgrades by multiple guests or groups traveling together e.g. in adjoining staterooms. If an individual guest makes an offer for an upgrade stateroom, such offer shall (if accepted) apply only to that guest’s booking. If multiple bookings that are traveling together are upgraded, RCL does not guarantee that the upgraded staterooms will be close together.

  • The terms and conditions of your original cruise booking will remain in effect following the acceptance of an offer or if an offer is declined. This includes terms and conditions pertaining to cancellation, penalties, changes, the Crown & Anchor® Society.  

  • Accepted offers will earn Crown & Anchor® points at the original stateroom category purchased, and not the category of the upgraded stateroom. Upgrade does not include any additional promotions. If you purchase an upgrade, RCL cannot guarantee a specific cabin number assignment within the upgraded category. Your cabin number will depend on space availability.

  • RCL’s standard booking terms and conditions will apply, and are available to view at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/terms-and-conditions For general booking terms and conditions, guarantee exclusions, cancellation charges & other information and full terms and conditions please also refer to the Royal Caribbean 2019-20 second edition brochure, contact your travel agent.

  • RCL reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify this promotion, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failures, a change in applicable law or any other factor beyond RCL's reasonable control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of this promotion, as determined by RCL in its sole discretion.

  • RoyalUp is promoted by RCL Cruises Ltd t/a Royal Caribbean International (company number 07366612) with registered office address at Building 3, The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0NY.

  • The Programme is managed on Promoter’s behalf by Plusgrade L.P. and PLUSGRADE S.E.C., a limited partnership established pursuant to the laws of the Province of Québec.
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  • This Programme shall be subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts shall prevail.

  • ©2019 RCL Cruises Ltd. Ships’ registry: Bahamas.


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