The Unmistakable Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
The Unmistakable Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco



Pack your shades and get ready to explore with a cruise to the West Coast.

Discover your adventurous side with a cruise to West Coast of the U.S. and Canada. Take in the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles with a drive down Sunset Boulevard. Peruse through bustling Pike Place Market in Seattle, or head to Vancouver, Canada, and hike the exhilarating Grouse Grind to a panoramic chalet at the summit. Marvel at Alaska's glacial mountains and at the dramatic cliffsides and lush, green valleys of the Napali Coast. Discover the magic with a West Coast cruise.

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West Coast California Palm Trees
Palm Trees in California

Culture and Quirk

Get to know the distinctively laidback and unmistakably unique culture with the best West Coast cruises.  

The Weird West

Check out the island prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco. Eat a classic California burrito in San Diego, with French fries actually wrapped into the tortilla. Or try spam musubi — essentially spam sushi — in Hawaii.

Get Starstruck

A trip to the West Coast wouldn't be complete without a celeb spotting in Los Angeles. Take a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio, then head to Griffith Observatory for sprawling views of the city. End your day with a live performance at the Dolby Theater.

Perk Up

Cafe culture is huge on the west coast, so a visit wouldn't be complete without stopping by a local coffee shop and enjoying a warm cup of joe. Get a scientifically precise pour over at Blue Bottle in San Francisco or a stoutly pulled espresso shot at Dubsea Coffee in Seattle.

Canadian Rockies Park in the West Coast
Canadian Rockies Park in the West Coast

Get Lost in the Right Direction

From snorkeling in the Pacific to exploring the Canadian Rockies, you'll find endless adventures everywhere on a cruise to West Coast.  

Coast on Four Wheels

The rugged west coast is the perfect place to roll. Kauai, often called the Garden Island of Hawaii, is filled with lush forests, hiking trails and waterfalls. Perhaps the best way to see it all is on a 4x4 tour. Explore the unexplored parts of the island, and see why people from all over the world flock to its shores.

Find Your Wild Side

The national parks of the West Coast are full of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Check out the exotic desert landscapes of Joshua Tree just outside Los Angeles. Hike through the rugged mountains of Olympic National Park near Seattle. Or go kayaking at Gulf Islands National Park Reserve near Victoria, British Columbia.

Explore Like a Local

West Coast life is all about being active and outdoors. Get a bird's-eye view from the Skywalk suspension bridge in Vancouver, or walk the city's Seawall Trail along the coastline.

Mountains in the West Coast
Mountains in the West Coast

Best West Coast Cruises

A cruise to West Coast is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover the West Coast onboard the Best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.


Alaska beckons with boundless natural beauty and wild discoveries. Hit the trails in Kenai Fjords National Park. Watch for breeching whales and playful Steller sea lions during a boat ride across Resurrection Bay in Seward. And wander among colorful totems in culture-rich Ketchikan.



With its laid-back resort towns, renowned beaches and rich Mexican heritage, the Baja peninsula is one of the world’s most iconic vacation destinations. Venture deep into wine country near Ensenada, unwind shoreside in lively Cabo and dive into history and culture in quaint Mazatlán.




Although the West Coast is known for its sunshine, it tends to cool off at night no matter the season, so pack light layers.


Hiking in Vancouver is a must! Be sure to pack insect repellent and bear spray to be cautious.


There's some etiquette to know when visiting Stanley Park in Vancouver. The majority of the path is a very strict one-way. If you get confused, refer to the signs providing direction all along the path, or ask a local to help you out.


From artisanal baked goods to ultra-fresh seafood, the creators of West Coast cuisine are committed to excellence.

The Old Way to Doughnut

When visiting Seattle, you need to try Top Pot Doughnuts. This doughnut shop is not only known for its hand-made circles of love but also its vintage aesthetic and commitment to doing things the old-fashioned (and delicious) way.

Take a Bite of Vancouver

Being that this city is located on the Pacific coast, you can enjoy some of the freshest fish in the world. On top of that, organic vegetables and locally sourced meats are plentiful at restaurants across the city. Head to Bluewater Cafe for cold briny oysters on the half shell.

Keep Your Cool

Beat the heat with the Hawaiian classic shaved ice. You'll find both locals and travelers enjoying this icy cool treat. What is shaved ice? It's a dessert made with ice finely shaved from a block, topped with fruit and fruit puree syrups. Head to Island Vintage Shaved Ice in Honolulu and order the lilikoi over soft serve ice cream.


Discover the West Coast's varied hubs of adventure. Experience the rugged coastlines of Washington and Oregon, the mountains of British Columbia, the turquoise waters of Hawaii and the wilderness of Alaska. Whichever west coast cruise port you choose, you're sure to discover why so many call it the "best coast."

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