16 Night Suez Canal Cruise on Jewel of the Seas from Dubai, United Arab Emirates Italy Napoles Capri
The 16 Night Suez Canal Cruise from Dubai, United Arab Emirates visits Khasab, Oman; Muscat, Oman; Aqaba, Jordan; Suez Canal (Passage), Egypt; Rhodes, Greece; Athens (Piraeus), Greece; Naples / Capri, Italy; Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy. Explore our cruise itineraries and choose from a variety of rooms depending on your needs and budget. Start planning your next cruise vacation by selecting a destination and departure port.
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16 Night Suez Canal Cruise
Itinerary Overview
Explore Jewel of the Seas
Day 1 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 2 - Khasab, Oman
Day 3 - Muscat, Oman
Day 4 - 9 - Cruising
Day 10 - Aqaba, Jordan
Day 11 - 12 - Suez Canal, Egypt
Day 13 - Rhodes, Greece
Day 14 - Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Day 15 - Cruising
Day 16 - Naples / Capri, Italy
Day 17 - Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
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Italy Napoles Capri
Aerial View of Capri
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16 Night Suez Canal Cruise

Explore This Itinerary
Leaving from
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jewel of the Seas
Day Port
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Departs at 5:00 PM
Khasab, Oman
From 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Muscat, Oman
From 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
4 - 9
Day at sea
Aqaba, Jordan
From 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11 - 12
Suez Canal, Egypt
From Day 11, 11:00 PM - Day 12, 1:00 PM
Rhodes, Greece
From 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Athens (Piraeus), Greece
From 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Day at sea
Naples / Capri, Italy
From 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
Arrives at 5:00 AM
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Your ship Jewel of the Seas

Your ship
Jewel of the Seas
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Jewel of the Seas, Exterior View, Caribbean and European Cruise Destinations
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Jewel of the Seas
After a day spent wandering new shores, dive into a world of thrills on Jewel of the Seas®. Scale the Rock Climbing Wall or catch a movie on the poolside screen. Grab your playbill for West End to Broadway and raise a glass at Vintages. It's time to go all-in on adventure.


Discover countless ways to spend your days between ports, like fueling friendly competition in a round of mini golf and taking adventure to new heights on the Rock Climbing Wall. If you're after laid back lounging, catch a movie on the poolside screen or check into Vitality℠ at Sea Spa and Fitness Center.


Whether you're sipping wines from around the world at Vintages, savoring fresh-rolled sushi at Izumi, indulging in prime steaks at Chops Grille℠ or sitting down to a five-course epicurean adventure at Chef's Table, you're bound to find flavors as thrilling as the shores you'll explore.


Travel from London's West End to New York City in West End to Broadway, a cross-continental celebration of music theater production. And journey from ancient Atlantis to colorful India in the celestial show City of Dreams. On this ship, every show's a hit.

Day 1: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Day 1
United Arab Emirates
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Artificial palm island
Things to do in
Departs at 5:00 PM
Dubai, one of the seven territories that make up the United Arab Emirates, is a sprawling multicultural city that has grown enormously in recent decades. Here, you'll find everything you could possibly ask for in a modern metropolis: world-class shopping, architectural triumphs and luxurious ways to dine and relax. Cruise to Dubai and stroll along the Dubai Marina waterfront past the many large yachts and futuristic high-rises. Relax on the sandy beach at Kite Beach or Sunset Beach, overlooking the iconic sail-shaped hotel Burj Al Arab. Explore the charming Souq Madinat Jumeirah village, with its network of canals that pass Arabian-style hotels and lush gardens. Then, check out the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood and its distinctive sand-colored traditional buildings.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Al Fahidi Historical District
Woman in traditional muslim black dress in old arabic city district with mosque minaret in Al Fahidi Historical District of Dubai

Old Ways Still Alive

Stroll around the nicely restored Al Fahidi Historical District, where you can get an impression of life in this emirate before oil was discovered in the 1960s. Explore the narrow walking lanes with their sand-colored houses, cafes and galleries. Then visit Dubai Museum, built in 1787 and the oldest existing building in Dubai.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Aerial Views Of City
Aerial views of the city of Dubai from the top of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper

On Top of the World

Stand on the Burj Khalifa for breathtaking views of this extraordinary city. At 828 meters, this narrow tower is the world's tallest so far. It has an observation deck on the 124th and the 148th floor, and a restaurant-bar on the 122nd. Book tickets well in advance.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Class Buildings
Classic historical buildings in Dubai before the oil boom in the 1960s

Maze of Modern Life

Head to Madinat Jumeirah, one of Dubai's most attractive developments. With your Dubai cruise, stroll along the desert-colored villas and hotels, alongside waterways with palms, banana trees and bougainvillea. Sit down in one of the trendy local cafes for a refreshing fruit juice. At the heart of this modern village lies Souq Madinat Jumeirah, a maze-like bazaar with shops lining wood-framed walkways.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Grilled Meat Shawarma
Cooking grilled meat shawarma to make hot kebabs, a typical street food in Dubai

Local Cuisine

You'll be able to find food from anywhere around the globe here — but focus on the local fare for the most authentic experience with Dubai cruises. While you're out on the town, pick up a shawarma, shaved strips of spicy spit-roasted meat served in pita bread. Try manousheh, a flatbread topped with local Akkawi cheese and za'atar herbs. Slate your sweet tooth with luqaimat, fried dough balls spiced with saffron and cardamom.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Carpets Market
Carpets found in the markets of Dubai


Pick one of the large number of malls in this shopping Mecca. There's Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping center, as well as the Mall of Emirates. For a more traditional experience, browse the colorful souqs in Bur Dubai and Deira for Persian carpets, Arabic coffee pots and other trinkets.

Day 2: Khasab, Oman

Day 2
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Khasab, Oman, Castle
A cannon at the exterior walls of the Khasab Castle in Oman
Things to do in
From 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Located at the top of the Musandam peninsula, the small town of Khasab is defined by its rugged scenery. The town is squeezed between dramatic, bare mountains — head on a kayak tour of the harbor to get up close to the Oman Fjords, the cliffs that tower over these inlets of clear-blue water. Visit Khasab Castle, constructed the Portuguese in the 1600s: Inside, there's a museum recreating Omani life from that period. Then, browse the small shops in the lively new souq, the traditional market in the center of town. Finish your day by relaxing on Khasab Beach, or head out on a traditional dhow sailboat to catch a glimpse of the dolphins that inhabit these waters.
Khasab, Oman, Castle interior
Interior of the Khasab castle in Oman

Castle in the Sand

Visit Khasab Castle, a large stone fort built by the Portuguese colonists in the 17th century. Check out the distinctive cylindrical central tower, and see the museum inside, displaying jewelry, rugs and other antique items from the period when the fort was built. Outside, you can see large wooden dhows, a type of wooden fishing sailboat traditional to the area.
Insider tip
Oman's weekend is on Friday and Saturday.
Khasab, Oman, Dhow cruise
A traditional dhow boat cruising through the water

Arabian Fjords

Experience a breathtaking harbor tour on a traditional Omani dhow to see Musandam's longest and most spectacular fjord, also known as the Norway of Arabia. Admire the views of towering mountains and small fishing villages. Go swimming or snorkeling in the calm turquoise waters, and watch dolphins swim past.
Insider tip
Be discreet when photographing people here, especially women.
Khasab, Oman, Khor Najd fjord
The Khor Najd fjord in Oman

Raw Nature

Explore the peninsula on a mountain safari, a tour with a 4WD. Visit Khor An Najd, a beautiful bay with a stunning viewpoint at the top of the graded road. Then continue the spectacular road to Jebel Harim (Mountain of Women) to soak in the scenery of limestone formations and crescent-shaped canyons.
Khasab, Oman, Chicken skewer
Two grilled chicken skewer

Local Cuisine

In the Khasab center, you'll find a number of local restaurants serving simple, traditional fare. Try grilled local prawns or comforting madrouba, a porridge from soft rice, chicken and spices. Fill up on meshkak (grilled meat kebabs) or shuwa, slow-cooked lamb or other meat with cumin, cloves and other spices, served over basmati rice. Finish off with halwa, a sweet custard made with eggs, honey, rose water, nuts and spices.
Khasab, Oman, Clay jugs
Clay jugs for sale at a market in Oman


Browse the small shops in the souq (market) area in the center of town. Buy some fresh palm dates to take home, or pick up a traditional handcrafted walking stick inlaid with silver. The shop at Khasab Castle also carries local Musandam and Omani handicrafts, including silver brooches and colorful clay jugs.

Day 3: Muscat, Oman

Day 3
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Muscat, Oman Religion Clear Sky Mosque
Views of the city of Muscat, Oman with clear skies and views of mosques and city buildings
Things to do in
From 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
In Muscat, Oman's attractive capital, you'll find a city steeped in the medieval heritage of the Middle East. Stroll along the picturesque waterfront Mutrah Corniche, with the brilliant blue sea on one side, eastern-style white buildings lining the street on the other and the arid Hajar mountains in the background. Stop at the Mutrah souq, a traditional Arab market (closed in the afternoon) where you can buy Omani and Indian artifacts and antiques. Don't miss the stately Grand Mosque — the immense Persian carpet in the main prayer hall took a whole four years to weave. Cruise to Muscat and check out the Al Alam Palace with its blue and gold facade, and see the sand-colored 16th-century Portuguese forts nearby.
Muscat, Oman Fort Ocean
Impressive twin forts called Fort Al-Jalali at the entrance of Old Muscat's harbor near Sultan Qaboos palace in Muscat, Oman

Portuguese Past

The Portuguese occupiers built the impressive Al Jalali and Al Mirani Fort in the 16th century. Although they're closed to the public, they're a stunning backdrop for stroll along the harbor. The forts are on both sides high on the cliffs guarding the city's entrance.
Insider tip
Muscat's non-airport taxis are orange and white and don't have meters. Agree on the rate before you get in.
Muscat, Oman Fort Oceans
Impressive twin forts called Fort Al-Jalali at the entrance of Old Muscat's harbor near Sultan Qaboos palace in Muscat, Oman

Play Sultan

Visit the Grand Mosque (open in the morning), a gift to the nation from Sultan Qaboos and a mix of Omani, Islamic and modern architecture. It can accommodate 20,000 worshippers and has a rich prayer hall, an elaborate chandelier and a huge Persian carpet that took four years to weave.
Insider tip
There are numerous ATMs throughout Muscat where you can get Omani Rial (OMR).
Muscat, Oman National Museum
The National Museum entrance in Muscat, Oman

Picturesque Heritage

Learn more about Oman's past in the elegant New National Museum in Old Muscat. Browse the beautifully presented archaeological artifacts, manuscripts and ship models during your Muscat cruise. When you're done, snap a photo of the Al Alam Palace with its blue and gold pillars opposite the museum.
Insider tip
Cover your legs and shoulders outside beach and pool areas to respect the local customs.
Muscat, Oman Arabic Food
A traditional arabic meal with rice, meats, and sauces

Local Cuisine

The traditional dish of Oman is majboos (also called kabsa), basmati rice with spicy beef, chicken or fish — typically local-caught lobster, mackerel or red snapper — served with yogurt sauce. Perk up with a cup of kahwa, the local coffee mixed with cardamom powder, served alongside dates and sweets after a meal.
Muscat, Oman Colorful Lanterns
Beautiful and colorful decorative lamp shade lanterns being sold at the Muttrah Square in Muscat, Oman


Head to Mutrah Souq, Muscat's oldest market and one of the most characterful souqs in the region. Cruise to Muscat and browse a variety of goods and souvenirs like frankincense, perfumes, gold and silver jewelry, Omani hats and ornate decorative lamps with traditional geometric patterns. You can also shop in The Avenues or one of the other big modern malls for more modern retail therapy.

Day 4 - 9: Cruising

Day 4 - 9
At Sea
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Girl Climbing the Rock Wall During the Day
Girl Climbing the Rock Wall while Parents Watch
Man Arrive on the top of the Rock Wall
Man Climbing Down the Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

Rise to the occasion and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Included in your fare, no reservation required.
Woman Putting with her Family
Family Playing Mini Golf Onboard

Mini Golf

Hit the links on the high seas! Refine your mini-golf game on a green that overlooks a sea of blue. Included in your fare, no reservation required.

Day 10: Aqaba, Jordan

Day 10
View Itinerary
Aqaba, Jordan Mamluk Fort
Aqaba Mamluk fort in Aqaba, Jordan, Middle East
Things to do in
From 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
A small town nestled on the Red Sea, Aqaba blends relaxation and historic allure. Stroll along the Corniche, the esplanade that parallels King Hussein Street, to take in views of the Red Sea coastline's bright waters. Cruise to Jordan and make your way to the black-, green- and white-striped flag of the Arab Revolt perched atop Aqaba Flagpole, the sixth-largest free-standing flagpole in the world, reaching 130 meters into the air. Don't miss the sandy-hued Mamluk Castle, also called Aqaba Fortress, where the epic 1916 battle featured in the classic film "Lawrence of Arabia" took place. Then, head to Al-Ghandour Beach, where you can wade in the Red Sea's warm waters or snorkel among its colorful reefs.
Aqaba, Jordan Underwater
Underwater anemone at Aqaba Marine Park

Underwater Adventures

Explore the world under the sea at the Aqaba Marine Park. Instead of snorkeling or diving, you can also take a trip on the Red Sea in a glass-bottomed boat. Or visit the Aqaba Aquarium, where you'll be introduced to the wide variety of colorful local fish and corals.
Insider tip
There are dozens of banks and ATMs around the city where you can get Jordanian Dinar (JD).
Aqaba, Jordan Red Sea
Beach on the shore of the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan

Red Sea Relaxation

Head to Berenice Beach Club, where you wade in the clear waters of the Red Sea or relax in a sunbed. Or opt for the free beach at Al-Hafayer, or Palm Beach: Stroll along the tree-lined boulevard that runs along the shoreline, or join in the local tradition of beach time with tea or coffee.
Insider tip
Green, unmetered taxis cruise the streets. A ride within town usually cost no more than two JD.
Aqaba, Jordan Cuisine Falafel
Falafel wrap is the local cuisine in Aqaba, Jordan

Local Cuisine

While you're here, be sure to sample Aqaba's signature dish sayadieh, a delicately spiced fish, served with rice with onion and tahini sauce. Cruise to Aqaba to try falafel in its place of origin — some say Jordan is the best spot in the world for savoring these fried chickpea fritters, spiced with cumin and garlic and brightened up with parsley. Finish with tea flavored with sage or mint, or opt for Turkish coffee, a slightly sweeter alternative to espresso.
Insider tip
On the public beaches, local women usually remain fully clothed. You can use a hotel's private beach for a fee.
Aqaba, Jordan Sand Bottles
Bottles made of shape with shapes of deserts and camels while shopping in Aqaba, Jordan


Some of the best shopping in Aqaba is in the souq, the market in the older part of town. Head here for Dead Sea products, handmade clothing, jewelry, carpets, pottery, glassware, nuts and spices — pick up a glass bottle filled with designs made in sand, a signature Jordanian trinket. Aqaba's special economic status also makes it a good place to pick up duty-free goods during your Jordan cruise.

Day 11 - 12: Suez Canal, Egypt

Day 11 - 12
Suez Canal
View Itinerary
Suez Canal, Egypt Landscape
The landscape around the Suez Canal
Things to do in
Suez Canal
From Day 11, 11:00 PM - Day 12, 1:00 PM
Opened in 1869 and built to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, the Suez Canal is home to some of Egypt's most picturesque sights. As you pass through, you'll pass canal-side cities and villages: At the northern entrance is Port Said, a cosmopolitan port city with lush public gardens, sandy-hued mosques and European-inspired architecture. Halfway along the Suez Canal during your cruise, you'll sail by Ismailia — admire the city's 19th-century colonial villas and expansive, manicured lawns. In the south, you'll be treated to views of the seaport city Suez, including ornate mosques, the gardens of the Ganayen neighborhood and the towering Suez Canal bridge that connects Africa and Asia.
Coastal view of the Suez Canal
The Port Said lighthouse

Landmark Lighthouse

See Port Said waterfront's quarter with its 19th-century villas. Fascinating historical buildings include the Lighthouse, an octagonal-shaped, 56-meter-high tower that was completed one week before the inauguration of the canal. It's also the first building in the world created with reinforced concrete and the longest-standing construction in the city.
Insider tip
In places of worship of any denomination here, it's expected to cover your arms and legs.
Suez Canal, Egypt Coptic church
A coptic church along the Suez Canal

From Coptic to Colonial

As you pass by Ismailia, you'll see Lake Timsah — one of the main lakes of the historic Nile Delta, the cradle of ancient Egyptian civilization. Spot the Coptic Church of Ismailia with its cross-topped domes. Look for colonial-era buildings like De Lessep's House, the impeccably maintained former residence of the French consul to Egypt.
Insider tip
Free ferries from Port Said to the suburb Port Fuad leave from the terminal at the southwestern end of Sharia Palestine.
Suez Canal, Egypt Bridge
The Suez Canal bridge

Bridge Over Suez

Near the city of Suez, you'll pass by the Suez Canal Bridge with your Egypt cruise, also called the Mubarak Peace Bridge or simply El-Qantara ("The Bridge"). Note the bridge's two massive pylons on either side of the canal — one is in Asia, while the other is in Africa. Asia, while the other is in Africa.

Day 13: Rhodes, Greece

Day 13
View Itinerary
Rhodes, Greece, Lindos Castle
View of Lindos Castle above the town
Things to do in
From 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
The Colossus might not be standing anymore, but the Greek island of Rhodes still delivers beauty and allure on a giant scale. The island instantly greets you with serene white-sand beaches and wide-open blue skies. See the site in the harbor where the now-destroyed wonder of the ancient world once stood. Then, head to the Old Town, surrounded by medieval walls and seven ancient gates. Don't miss the Palace of the Grandmaster, with its mosaic floors dating from Hellenic, Roman and early Christian times. Shop for a colorful menagerie of seashells by the shoreline — and don't forget to spend some time relaxing beside the translucent blue waves with your Greece cruise.
Rhodes, Greece, Ruins
Ancient ruins in Rhodes, Greece

Colossal History

The site where the Colossus once stood is a momentary stop, but Rhodes offers plenty of other history. Ascend the Acropolis of Rhode, which rises above the port. Or stroll through the scenic Old Town, where you can climb the clock tower for a bird's-eye view of the city.
Insider tip
Don't be fooled by how small Rhodes looks on the map. Put fewer items on your itinerary rather than more to avoid missing your boat.
Rhodes, Greece, Filerimos Monastery
Filerimos monastery in Rhodes, Greece

Monestary on the Mount

Take the 20-minute drive to Phileremos. It's a moderately difficult hike to scale the hill here. At the summit, you'll encounter a priceless panorama and a peaceful monastery lined with cypress trees.
Insider tip
It might seem tempting to rent a car if you want to explore the outer reaches of Rhodes, but since driving and parking within the city are highly regulated, a taxi is a better bet.
Rhodes, Greece, Panoramic view of Lindos Bay
View of Lindos Bay in Greece

Land Meets Sea

If you're up for an excursion, hail a cab to Lindos Bay. Here, with your Greece cruise, you'll find the perfect balance of idyllic scenery and convenience — it's less than an hour drive each way from the port.
Rhodes, Greece, Baked Sea Bass
A baked sea bass filet with a side of rice

Local Cuisine

If seafood is your thing, you've come to the right place. Some of Rhodes' specialities include stuffed clams shells, grilled sea bass and squid, served grilled or fried. For dessert, try tangy local feta drizzled with sweet honey and topped with crunchy sesame seeds. Cruise to Greece and stick around the harbor at the northern tip of the island for seaside dining.
Rhodes, Greece, Souvenir shopping boat
A souvenir shopping boat offering a wide selection of items


The most scenic spots to shop in Rhodes are the many boats parked along the sides of the port, where you can pick up colorful sea shells to bring back home. Once you're done here, visit Labryinthos Arts and Crafts to browse creations by local artists.

Day 14: Athens, Greece

Day 14
Piraeus, Greece
View Itinerary
Athens (Piraeus), Greece, Acropolis and Pathenon
View of the Parthenon atop the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Things to do in
From 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Athens offers a looking glass back in time into Greece's powerful ancient civilization. Art lovers, epicureans and history buffs will be delighted by the ancient ruins, museums and tavernas of this picturesque town. Just 10 minutes from the port, you'll find the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, filled with sculptures from the Bronze Age to the Romans. Walk to the Zea Harbour to discover how the Hellenic Maritime Museum will bring to life the grandeur of ancient Greece's naval capacities. Jump onboard an Athens cruise and relax at the small harbor of Mikrolimano, enjoying a meal of grilled octopus and chilled white wine at a small restaurant overlooking the sea.
Athens (Piraeus), Greece, Agia Triada Church
The Agia Triada church in Greece

Take Me to Church

The Agia Triada is one of the finest examples of Byzantine-style churches in Greece. The Church of St. Nicholas, which overlooks the port, has a magnificent interior filled with orthodox icons, frescoes and sculptures.
Insider tip
The yellow trolley bus (number 20) will take you from the port to Passalimani, going through Castella and ending at the Metro station.
Athens (Piraeus), Greece, Mikrolimano Harbour
Mikrolimano harbour in Greece

Mediterranean Romance

Part of the Castella district, Mikrolimano is the smallest and most picturesque port of Athens, making it perfect for a romantic afternoon. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade to take in the amazing views, then settle in a cafe or taverna for some fresh seafood or a refreshing drink with your cruise to Athens.
Insider tip
Traffic can be chaotic, so be cautious at all times.
Athens (Piraeus), Greece. Decorative Vases
Various decorative Greek vases

Boats and the Bronze Age

The Naval Museum has exhibits that present ship building from ancient times to the present day. You will be fascinated by the Neosoikoi, the archaeological remains of the ship sheds where local craftsmen maintained and repaired the boats. Art lovers will have plenty to see at the Piraeus Archaeological Museum, from Bronze Age sculptures to classical Hellenistic pottery.
Athens (Piraeus), Greece, Grilled Octopus
Grilled octopus on a white plate with a lemon on the side

Local Cuisine

Try the local dishes prepared with sun-ripened tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers and fresh seafood like mussels and grilled octopus. Look for trovolia, a typical fresh cheese to savor with marinated olives. Ask for recommendations on local wines — the most common white is lively, floral and aromatic Moschofilero, while the red of choice is Xinomavro, an indigenous grape with a bold, complex flavor.
Athens (Piraeus), Greece, Greek Souvenirs
An assortment of Greek souvenirs such as helmets and sculptures


You may want to bring back home some of the typical liquors such as the anise-flavored Ouzo or the strong Tsipouro. Greek olives, spices and capers can be vacuumed-packed, making for convenient souvenirs. Look for locally made leather sandals, pottery and hand-painted ceramics. You'll find most shops in the Psyri district, not far from the Acropolis during your Athens cruise.

Day 15: Cruising

Day 15
At Sea
View Itinerary
Shrimp Wonton Soup - Izumi Restaurant
Shrimp Wonton Soup served at Izumi, fine dining Japanese Restaurant. One of Royal Caribbean's best cruise dining restaurants.
Izumi Sushi Specialty Roll
Izumi Sushi Specialty Roll


Say “Konnichiwa” to a reimagined favorite. Sushi, sashimi and more, all made-to-order with intense flavors, the best ingredients and impeccable presentation.
Grilled NY-Strip Steak -  Chops Grille
12 oz Grilled NY-Strip Steak served at the fine dining steakhouse, Chops Grille. One of the best cruise line restaurants.

Chops Grille

For more than a decade, the chefs of Chops Grille have proudly presented quality, hand-cut prime steaks at this hallmark Royal Caribbean restaurant.

Day 16: Naples / Capri, Italy

Day 16
Naples / Capri
View Itinerary
Naples - Capri, Italy, Aerial View
An aerial view of Capri
Things to do in
Naples / Capri
From 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
With a skyline defined by towering Mount Vesuvis, Naples is a bustling Italian city brimming with beauty. Experience its rich neoclassical architecture at sites like Gesu Nuovo Church, with its lavish interior adorned with detailed frescoes, statues and gold inlay. Go even deeper into history at the San Gennaro catacombs, where Naples' first bishops were buried in the second century A.D. Walk along the Miglio Sacro ("Holy Mile") and people-watch your way through the cafes and shops of the Sanita district with a zuccherato (sweetened espresso) in hand. Jump onboard a Naples cruise and take the short bus ride to the base of Mount Vesuvius — it's an easy 20- to 30-minute hike will take you to the summit — and tour the ruins of Pompeii afterward.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Catacombs of San Gennaro
The Catacombs of San Gennaro in Italy

Go Underground

Interested in getting up close and personal with Naples' past residents? Head underground to visit the Catacombs of San Gennaro. These historic burial places are the oldest in the city and the largest in all of Southern Italy. Spend some time wandering around the different rooms to see how the rooms where the wealthy and poor were buried.
Insider tip
You won't be able to visit the Catacombs of San Gennaro without a guided tour, so be sure to book yours well in advanced.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Gesu Nuovo interior
The interior of the Gesu Nuovo in Italy

Church Bells Ring

Naples' churches are a great way to tour its architectural treasures, and most of them are concentrated in the old town center. Check out San Domenico Maggiore, with its impressive gold-gilded ceiling and interior. Inside Sansevero Chapel, you'll find a number of impressive Baroque statues and classical art. And don't miss the beautiful frescoes and peaceful vibe of Gesu Nuovo Church during your Capri cruise.
Insider tip
Wear comfortable shoes; you'll be doing a lot of walking over cobblestones while in the city.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Margherita pizza
A margherita pizza in Naples, Italy

Local Cuisine

Neopolitan-style pizza is Naples culinary gem. Grab a seat at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which has been serving up pizza since 1870, and order a slice of simple, classic margherita, topped with fresh basil, tomato sauce and local mozzarella di fiore. Cruise to Naples and head to Friggitoria Vomero for the town's best arancini — gooey, fried spheres of rice and cheese — or panzarotti, a mini-calzone stuffed with mozzarella, tomato and other ingredients like spinach or ham.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Traditional pots
Traditional pots at a shop in Italy


Head to Via Toledo, the longest shopping street in Naples, which offers small boutiques and a huge department store. Continue down the road to Galleria Umberto I, a beautiful shopping gallery for some high-end souvenirs such as silk scarves and leather shoes to take back home.

Day 17: Rome, Italy

Day 17
Civitavecchia, Italy
View Itinerary
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Roman Forum
The Roman Forum in Rome, Italy
Things to do in
Arrives at 5:00 AM
With 28 centuries of celebrated history, Rome holds the edge when it comes to unrivaled adventures. The city that sparked the world’s largest empire is very much alive today with a jumble of ancient ruins, world-renowned art and vivacious street culture. Here you can live la dolce vita, recalling the glory days of Ancient Rome and twirling forks full of pasta in a trattoria. Ride past centuries-old basilicas in a three-wheeled Ape Calessino, or stand in awe of paintings by Italian masters at Villa Borghese. Whether it’s Vatican City’s spiritual allure, Trastevere’s backstreet charms, or the Colosseum’s embattled legacy— The Eternal City endures with endless adventures.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Pantheon
The Pantheon in Rome, Italy


Walk through the heart of Ancient Rome. Start at the Colosseum, an enormous arena where gladiators once battled. Then meander around the Roman Forum’s timeworn ruins, past crumbling temples and basilicas. See where emperors lived on Palatine Hill— and enjoy an up-close view of the 2,000-year-old, well-preserved Pantheon church.
Insider tip
Conservative attire (no tank tops or shorts) is required when visiting Rome’s religious sites.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Piazza Navona
A fountain in Piazza Navona in Italy


Roam around Rome’s piazzas, as each offers a unique perspective. Dine al fresco in Piazza Navona and climb The Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna. Wander cobbled alleys in bustling Trastevere and browse Campo de’ Fiori’s artisan stalls. Be sure to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain for good measure.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Statues
Statues in the Vatican Museum


Explore the Vatican Museums’ extraordinary collection of tapestries and classical statues. Step inside the Sistine Chapel and be awed by Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes. Then enter St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the world’s largest churches, to stand under its enormous sky-piercing dome.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Pizza and pasta
Pizza, pasta, and antipasta on a table in Rome


Romans live to eat, whether it’s family-style or in a sidewalk café. For an authentic taste of Cucina Romana, try carciofi alla Romana (braised artichokes) or spaghetti alla carbonara. Enjoy panino (stuffed sandwiches) or thin-crusted Roman pizza. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a scoop of gelato. Then finish the night with a glass of white wine from the surrounding Lazio region.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Colosseum Vatican Models
Minitature models of the Colosseum and Vatican


Street stalls throughout the city are your best bet for souvenirs. Via Condotti offers a string of couture Italian designers. Browse artist studios along Via Margutta, or the indie artisan retailers of the Monti neighborhood. Porta Portese is the city’s largest flea market— and La Rinascente, the first department store.