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What is VOOM and how much does it cost?


VOOM is the name of our high-speed internet service, the fastest internet at sea.    

With the installation of VOOM, you are no longer confined to a specific location on the ship to have connectivity. You can now stay connected from the comfort of your own stateroom, while you lounge by the pool and even while having a drink at the Schooner Bar.

VOOM is 6x faster than any other internet at sea! For the first time you will be able to stream music and movies, upload pictures, video chat with family and friends using FaceTime or Skype, check your email, look at your stock prices, surf the web and stay connected with work.

Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line with high speed internet at sea. Whether you have your phone, tablet, or laptop, VOOM allows guests to stay connected. VOOM is available onboard all ships fleetwide. Each one of our VOOM ships gets its signal directly from a satellite beam dedicated to our ships that orbits close to the Earth, allowing us to offer fast and reliable service.

The cost of VOOM varies by the number of devices and the service package purchased. We recommend that guests purchase VOOM pre-cruise to enjoy the biggest discount from onboard prices. Simply log in to My Cruises, and go to Cruise Planner.

Guests who have a reservation with payment may also contact 1-800-398-9819 for Pre-Cruise Planning Assistance.

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