What is Royal Caribbean's gratuity price and policy?


The automatic gratuity is $13.50 USD, or $16.50 USD for suite guests, applied to each guest's SeaPass® account on a daily basis. Yes, the gratuity applies to individual guests of all ages and stateroom categories. Our daily totals are in the middle range when compared to competitors' suggestions. Any modifications or adjustments to your gratuities are required to be requested before you depart your cruise. Here's how it is shared between your onboard service team:

Standard Staterooms

$6.10 - Dining Services

$3.45 - Stateroom Attendant

$3.95 - Other Hotel Services


$6.10 - Dining Services

$6.10 - Suite Attendant

$4.30 - Other Hotel Services

In the unlikely event that a guest onboard being charged the daily automatic gratuity does not receive satisfactory service, the guest may request to modify the daily amount at their discretion by visiting Guest Services during their cruise. Guests have the opportunity to adjust this gratuity at their discretion until the morning of their departure. Guests who have prepaid their gratuity won't see a daily charge during their cruise.

The automatic daily gratuity is based on customary industry standards. Applying this charge automatically helps streamline the recognition process for the crew members that work to enhance your cruise. We hope you find the gratuity to be an accurate reflection of your satisfaction and thank you for your generous recognition of our staff. Should you have questions or wish to adjust the amount of the gratuity, visit the Guest Services desk onboard by the morning of your departure from your cruise.

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