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Questions related to Flowrider® Lessons

Guests may reserve Flowrider® lessons at least three months prior to the sailing date.
The Flowrider® is a surf simulator exclusively on select Royal Caribbean International ships.  The Flowrider® gives guests the chance to surf onboard a ship.  The sloped, wavelike surface is perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced surfers.
Yes, Flowrider® lessons are can be pre-reserved through Cruise Planner three months prior to the sailing date. If the sailing date is less than 4 days, guests will need to make reservations onboard.
By pre-reserving, guests can ensure that they are able to get the lesson on the day and time they desire.
Guests will join a group lesson (4 to 8 guests) that will be lead by 2 Sports Staff instructors, allowing for more time on the water to master the basics, perfect their form, or pick up a few fun tricks.
Height restrictions apply to all Flowrider® Lessons.  Guests must be at least 58” to Stand Up Surf, and/or 52” to Boogie Board.  If a guest does not meet minimum requirements, the guest may be denied participation in an activity, despite having an ac...
Up to 8 guests can sign up for a Flowrider® lesson.
A total of 4 guests are required to participate in each Flowrider® lesson.
The onboard staff will try to assist and adjust you to a different time with an already existing group with the minimum number of guests required to participate.  In the event of an activity cancellation or modification, we will notify guests as far ...
The cost of the Flowrider® lesson is $69 USD per person and a complete "Buy Out" lesson is $552. Prices are subject to change without notice. 
The Flowrider® lesson experience usually lasts one hour.
Guests will need to remember to take their SeaPass Card with them as they will need to provide it to take the lesson.
Onboard the ship, guests can visit the Sports Desk, or Guest Relations to make any changes to their reservations.  Please keep in mind that all lessons are based on availability.  Note: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the Flowri...
Yes, onboard the ship, guests can visit the Sports Desk, or Guest Relations desk to make a reservation.  Please keep in mind that all lessons are based on availability.

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