Exposure to pathogens (such as the virus that causes COVID-19) is an inherent risk in places where people gather and may result in severe illness or death. Exposure may occur at any point during your voyage, onboard or ashore. Remaining onboard at all times during your voyage will not prevent exposure because pathogens may be brought onboard by others, including passengers who choose to participate in shore excursions or activities ashore in our various ports of calls or private destinations. Our health and safety measures mitigate the risk of exposure but cannot eliminate it entirely. Before booking or sailing on a cruise, all guests should consider their individual risk level for severe illness resulting from pathogen exposure and make an informed travel decision on that basis. We recommend guests with a higher risk of severe illness consult with their doctor prior to booking or sailing with us.

By booking a cruise with us, on behalf of yourself and/or others for whom you are acting (collectively “you” or “your”), you acknowledge that you understand the risks related to exposure to pathogens and their resulting illnesses while cruising with us, including those relating to guests who are at a higher risk of severe illness.

Further, you agree to review and comply with our Guest Health, Safety and Conduct Policy, as well any of our health or safety instructions, or other posted signage. Failure to do so will lead to you being denied boarding or may constitute cause for your removal, as well as the denial of boarding or removal of your traveling party, from the vessel.

You also acknowledge that we will collect and use personal information, including health information, in connection with these measures, and may disclose it to health or port authorities, if required.

Travelers sailing from Australia further acknowledge:

First, that individuals arriving to Australia as an international passenger must ensure they meet Australia’s international border entry requirements, including vaccination status, visa, and travel exemption requirements (if applicable).

Second, that there exists a potential for cancellation, modification or adjustment of onboard activities and shore excursions as well as a potential for itinerary modifications resulting from COVID-19 levels onboard that exceed a certain threshold, and that passengers who test positive for COVID-19 or who are considered close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases may experience disruption (up to and including cancellation) of onward travel and accommodations post-cruise.

Lastly, that passengers testing positive for COVID-19 onboard will be required to isolate and will have access to health care onboard at no charge in the ship’s medical facility; that if health needs cannot be supported onboard retrieval will be coordinated with the appropriate maritime authorities; that post-disembarkation arrangements for COVID-19 positive passengers will be at no costs to those passenger and coordinated by private transportation providers as well as shoreside isolation lodging providers; and that COVID-19 outbreaks onboard will be managed in accordance with cruise operator protocols in place at the time of the sailing, which are available on our website.

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