Waitemata harbor with a view of Auckland, New Zealand in the distance

Cruise to Auckland, New Zealand

The New Zealand greeting "Kia Ora!" sets the tone for an Auckland adventure. This Maori phrase, used by Kiwis of all ethnic backgrounds to say "hello," roughly translates to "be well" — and after you've enjoyed the outdoor excitement Auckland has to offer, that's exactly how you'll feel. With three harbors and 18,000 miles of coastline, New Zealand's largest city offers all the exploration by land or by sea you could ask for. Climb the Sky Tower for panoramic views of the city and the Twin Harbors. Jump on a New Zealand cruise and head to the Viaduct Basin in Wynward Quarter to sail the harbor or relax with at a seaside brewery. Or kayak out to volcanic Rangitoto Island, where you can hike up ancient lava flows and admire the city from above.
National Language English
Currency Accepted New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Things To Do in Auckland

View of Auckland, New Zealand from Mount Eden

Auckland, New Zealand, View from Mount Eden

Adventure of a Lavatime

Adventure of a Lavatime

Auckland has 48 volcanic cones, including Rangitoto island, a 25-minute ferry from downtown. Mount Eden, the tallest volcano, has three craters and the remains of a Maori settlement. One Tree Hill has a monument to Auckland's founding father.

View of Auckland, New Zealand from Mount Eden

Auckland, New Zealand, View from Mount Eden

Taonga of the Maori

Taonga of the Maori

Visit the Auckland Museum, perched on another volcano, to learn about the history, culture and treasures (taonga) of the Maori. A Maori cultural performance takes place several times daily concluding with a very loud haka, the traditional version of the dance the local All Blacks rugby team uses to intimidate opponents.

A person bungy jumping from the Harbour Bridge

Auckland, New Zealand, Bungy Jump

Adrenaline Junkies

New Zealand is famous for adrenaline-boosting activities like bungee jumping and Zorbing. During your New Zealand cruise, get a rush by climbing the Auckland Harbour Bridge, then bungee-jump off it. Walk the outside of the 630-foot-tall Sky Tower. You can even base jump all the way down, flying for 11 seconds at more than 50 miles per hour.

A plate full of New Zealand green mussels

Auckland, New Zealand, Green Mussels

Local Cuisine

With the world's highest coffee roasters per capita, New Zealand is all about cafe culture. Though it's debated whether it was invented by Australians or Kiwis, drink a flat white while the kids have a fluffy, foamed milk with chocolate and marshmallow treats. Cruise to Auckland and seek out a hip farm-to-table spot for pastured-raised lamb roast, or feast on whitebait fritters or green-lipped mussels at a waterfront seafood spot.

A jar of Manuka honey

Auckland, New Zealand, Manuka Honey


Souvenirs with New Zealand's unofficial emblem, the silver fern, are popular; rugby fans will want one in the form of All Blacks' paraphernalia. Pick up some raw Manuka honey; many believe it has medicinal benefits. Kids young and young at heart will love anything with a kiwi bird on it.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 New Zealanders reserve tipping for exceptional service. If you do tip, round up or aim for about 10 percent.
2 Dress for the possibility of four seasons' worth of weather in one day.

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