Cruising through this island comes with amazing views.
The Pinnacle of Antarctic Adventure

Cruise to Elephant Island (Cruising), Antarctica

Elephant Island is unabashedly stark, desolate and frozen. Its misty snow-capped peaks of dark rock create a mysterious air that hints at adventure. So why was it that in 1916, a group of 28 Antarctic explorers labeled Elephant Island as a "paradise"? The group of men were halfway through one of the most epic Antarctic survival tales of the 20th century. The famous explorer Shackleton and his group were forced to abandon their ship after it was trapped in winter ice. They boarded tiny lifeboats and battled extreme sea conditions to finally land on Elephant Island. Knowing their chances of rescue were slim, Shackleton left with five others to attempt to find help. Unbelievably, the group made it to South Georgia in 17 days, climbed over glaciated mountains and finally reached a manned whaling station. Four months after his departure, Shackleton returned to Elephant Island and rescued the remaining 22 men, all of whom survived. This heroic tale is why Elephant Island is still iconic to any Antarctic explorer today and cruises to Elephant Island, Antarctica will take you through the history of this place.

Things To Do in Elephant Island (Cruising)

Say hello to the island's resident penguins.
Say hello to the island's resident penguins.

Spot the Difference

Can you tell the difference between a gentoo penguin and a chinstrap penguin? Gentoos are by far the most populous and recognizable. They're much bigger than chinstrap penguins and have bright orange beaks. Chinstrap penguins have no color and have a black stripe on their chin (hence the name chinstrap).

Take in the elephant seals.
Take in the elephant seals.

A Seal's Roar

Elephant seals are known to be the biggest, loudest seal around! During mating season, males will battle for their portion of the beach. It's a high-stakes game with the winner taking a harem of 40-50 females for that mating season! If you're lucky, you'll get to see two males roaring at each other as they fight for dominance.

Penguins and bust of Captain Luis Pardo Villalon on the beach, Point Wild, Elephant Island, Antarctica.
Penguins and bust of Captain Luis Pardo Villalon on the beach, Point Wild, Elephant Island, Antarctica.

The Men Left Behind

In between the rocks and penguins, you'll spot a statue of a proud Navy officer. This lonesome bust pays homage to Luis Antonio Pardo Villalòn, the driver of the rescue tugboat that helped save Shackleton's crew. This area is named "Point Wild" after Frank Wild, the man who ensured the survival of the crew left behind awaiting Shackleton's return and rescue.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 As you won't be disembarking, pack a good pair of binoculars and zoom camera lenses if you want to see the wildlife up close.
2 Wear thick, waterproof and windproof clothing so you can take in the scenery from above deck no matter the wind or rain.
3 This area is known for larger swell — bring motion sickness tablets just in case!

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