San Lorenzo beach in Gijon, Spain

Cruise to Gijon, Spain

Once an ancient Roman port, Gijon is now a spirited seaside metropolis filled with cider houses, beachside walkways and museums that preserve its distinct history. As the largest and busiest city in Asturias, Gijon went through years of rebuilding to better showcase what many already loved: the porticoed buildings, the cobblestone streets and the ancient palaces. Cruise to Gijon, Spain and see all of these as you walk the edge of the water and up Gijon's lovely hills. Then, stroll among yews and banana trees at the Jardin Botanico Atlantico, and get a clear view of the windswept sea from Mirador Parque de la Providencia.
National Language Spanish
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Gijon

View of the front of the City Council building in Gijon, Spain

Gijon, Spain, City Council

Roman History on a Headland

Roman History on a Headland

Start your visit at Cimadevilla. Here, you'll instantly meet old Gijon. Situated on a headland, this colorful neighborhood is home to the Roman baths, the Revillagigedo Palace, the Jovellanos Museum and the Roman Villa of Veranes.

The Elogio al Horizonte, a famous monument in Gijon, Spain

Gijon, Spain, Elogio Al Horizonte Famous Monument

Park at the Horizon

Park at the Horizon

Walk to the northern edge of the city to find Cerro Santa Catalina park, where you'll find La Fontica fountain and a sculpture called Elogio al Horizonte, or "In Praise of the Horizon." Hear the waves crashing on the coast, and witness unparalleled views of a seemingly endless ocean.

Boats docked at a marina in Gijon, Spain

Gijon, Spain, Marina

Portside Pleasure

Breathe in the undeniably maritime air with Gijon cruises. Stroll along the city-side Playa de San Lorenzo, and see the boats docked in the bright blue waters at Puerto Deportivo. Don't miss the impressive array of marine life at Acuario de Gijon.

A bowl of seafood stew

Gijon, Spain, Seafood Stew Dish

Local Cuisine

Gijon serves the best seafood in the area. Experience dishes like chopa a la sidra (fish cooked in cider) and caldereta gijonesa (seafood stew), quintessential examples of Gijon's gastronomic pedigree. Stop by V. Crespo, Sidreria Casa Carmen or La Posada del Mar, and get lost in Gijon's ocean flavors.

Assorted madrenas, a traditional wooden sandal in Gijon, Spain

Gijon, Spain, Madrenas


Gijon is proud to promote items that are made in Asturias and encourages store owners to do the same. Support locals and try on Asturian frocks and madrenas, the wooden sandals traditional to the region, at La Troupe or La Merced. Find local books at Central or Paradiso bookstores, and sip some Asturian wine at El Gallego during your Iberian Peninsula cruise.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Make sure to visit the raw rural beaches of Gijon: Playa Penarrubia, Playa de Serin and Playa de la Nora.
2 Stop by El Real Sporting, Gijon's soccer club, and take the Molinon tour that takes you inside Spain's oldest soccer stadium.
3 On hot days, hop on Gijon's tourist double-decker and explore the city in the comfort of this air-conditioned bus.

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