Lava flow entering the ocean from the Kilauea volcano in Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

Cruise to Mount Kilauea (Cruising), Hawaii

Located along the southern part of Hawaii's Big Island, Mount Kilauea has been standing tall for more than 100,000 years. Erupting continuously since the early 1980s, the volcano is the youngest of all the Hawaiian hotspots. As you pass by on your Hawaii cruise, you can see this iconic volcano from different points — it's a uniquely mesmerizing sight when watch from the sea, especially at night, as you witness the volcanic eruption light up the sky. You'll also pass by the famous Holei Sea Arch, a natural archway of volcanic rock carved out by waves over the milennia.

Things To Do in Mount Kilauea (Cruising)

Sea view of the glowing lava from the Kilauea volcano in Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

Mount Kilauea, Hawaii Lava Glow

Get Into a Flow State

Nearby Mount Kilauea, you'll spot the Holei Sea Arch, a natural archway formed out of the volcanic cliffs by erosion caused by waves. The arch towers 90 feet over the turquoise waters of the Pacific — be sure to snap a picture during your Hawaii cruise, as scientists say the arch will eventually fully erode and collapse into the sea.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 The best time to see a volcanic eruption is at night, when colors are more visible against the darkness.
2 Bring binoculars to catch an even closer look into the details of the eruptions.

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