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Where should I go to get a pre-cruise COVID-19 test? What types of tests are accepted? Where do I submit the results?


If you are unclear on test requirements for your cruise, visit our main COVID-19 testing FAQ to learn more.

Accepted Tests for Guests Sailing from U.S. Ports

Below are details about the kind of test you’ll need. 

Accepted Types of Tests and Results

  • There are two common types of diagnostic COVID-19 tests and we accept either kind to satisfy pre-cruise testing requirements. 
    • A molecular test, also called a PCR test or NAAT test
    • An antigen test, also called a rapid antigen test
  • The test must be supervised by a health professional, such as a doctor, pharmacy technician, public health worker, or telehealth professional. Telehealth testing at home is only accepted for vaccinated guests, and only when it is conducted under live video supervision. Learn more about acceptable telehealth tests including our home test kit.
  • You must receive a valid results document from your test provider that includes provider name, your name, the date the test was taken, type of test, and your negative result. This can be a printed document, email, or telehealth app notification. Handwritten doctor’s notes will not be accepted.


Tests We Do Not Accept

  • Antibody tests are not accepted, as they do not detect a current infection.
  • Home test kits that are self-administered at home, and not supervised live by a telehealth professional, are also not accepted.
  • Supervised telehealth tests are not accepted for unvaccinated guests – only for vaccinated guests.


More on Abbott Brand Tests

We get a lot of questions about Abbott tests, the most commonly available COVID-19 test brand. Here’s what’s accepted.

  • Any Abbott brand test administered on site by a pharmacy technician or other health professional is accepted. This includes the common Abbot ID NOW test administered by many pharmacies. The test provider must provide you with a proper results document (no handwritten notes).
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card Test, which is taken at home and supervised by a telemedicine professional, is accepted. It must be taken under live video supervision. Learn more about our Abbott telehealth home test kit.
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test, if taken at home and not supervised by a telehealth representative, is NOT accepted.


Where to Get Your Test

COVID-19 testing is very common nowadays. Most local pharmacy chains offer it, and most county or state websites can help you find a local public testing site. You can also go to a doctor’s office, diagnostic lab, or telehealth provider to get your test. For sailings that require a pre-cruise test, you will be asked to take the test no more than 2 to 3 days before your sail date, depending on your age and vaccination status. Learn more about how to calculate which days you can take your test.

Make sure that your selected test provider can provide you a valid results document in time for your travel.


Providing Your Results On Boarding Day

You will present your negative test result at the terminal upon boarding. Print out your result if possible for easy access, as you may need to present it at various points. We will also accept a valid results document presented on your phone. 

If you get a positive test result on your pre-cruise test, please call us at 1-800-256-6649 so we can rework your cruise plans.

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