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Questions related to Cruise Photo

Your Photo account will contain your photos that include at least one member of the purchasing stateroom. We can accommodate families traveling in more than one stateroom where the occupants are the package purchaser’s children 21 and under. If you m...
Note this package is not available on all ships. If available on your ship you will receive all your digital photos on a USB and any photo that is printed and displayed in the Photo Gallery (note: some photos may not be printed). You are not guarante...
It’s up to you! There are up to 40 photo opportunities onboard, but it’s easy to take many photos of your family. Get the greatest value by purchasing an unlimited photo package and enjoy as many photos as you like. Private Studio images and group ph...
Yes. If you require it print off the copyright release form here which will allow you to make copies of your digital or printed photos.
If you wish to set up an hour of private photography for the group, you may do so by inquiring in the Photo Gallery as soon as you board the ship. Group photos booked by special appointment and other special events are not included in our photo packa...
Yes, the Photo Team onboard will be more than happy to provide a VAT refund receipt to qualifying guests that reside outside of the European Union. Please request a VAT refund receipt on the last evening of your cruise when you visit the Photo Galler...
Cloud downloading is a simple and convenient way for you to download and make final selections of your purchased digital photos online after the cruise.  You must purchase your photo package onboard to have access to the cloud services after your cru...
Only guests who purchase a digital photo package onboard will be able to view and download their photos online after their cruise. If you do, instructions on how to access and view photos will be sent via your personal email after your cruise.
Guests are able to download and view their purchased photos and make final selections from any device at their convenience post cruise. There is no physical media (such as a USB drive) to take home.
No, you can still view and purchase all of your photos while onboard at the Photo Gallery. You can also pre-purchase packages from Cruise Planner.
You will be able to view all photographs taken of you during your cruise. You will be able to unlock your chosen images and select additional photos to purchase from individual photos, to packages.
Photos will be uploaded and ready for viewing within 4-7 days after the voyage ends. It is usually much quicker and is often available for viewing on the same day a voyage ends.
Help is available on the website along with our customer support team if you should have any problems viewing your photos.
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer the ability to make purchases after your cruise.  Be sure to purchase your photo packages onboard.
You cannot change a purchase after getting off the ship. All photo selections and purchases are final.
Your images will be online for 30 days after your cruise ends. An email will be sent to remind you about your accounts becoming inactive after this time.
Your current loyalty discounts are still valid. All discounts remain the same for pre-cruise purchases and onboard purchases.
Images purchased from the private studio,onboard are not available for downloading from the Cloud at this time. You will receive a USB drive with all purchased images as part of this special program. *The Studio/PictureThis! is the private photograph...
Visit the Photo Gallery onboard to select your photos and build your photo book directly on any photo kiosk.
The Photo Book contains 20 pages and holds up to 34 guest photos plus photos of your ship, decks and ports of call. Photos must include at least one guest from the purchasing stateroom in order to be included in the Photo Book. The photos you choose ...
The photo books typically take between 2 to 6 weeks to arrive, depending on the delivery address.

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