Couple Enjoying the View at the Infinity Pool
Couple Enjoying the View at the Infinity Pool

6 Tips For Romantic Vacations On A Cruise

Here are six fun things to try on a cruise during one of your next romantic vacations.

By Amanda Mesa | Published on December 23, 2021

When you've been together for a while, you know that romance sometimes requires a little bit of extra work. Real love is all about going deeper, connecting with each other and showing up no matter what. That's why a cruise is one of the best romantic vacations for couples. There's the excitement of ever-changing scenery and bold new experiences to try together as well as precious time to connect after a full day of fun.

1. Relax Together In Paradise

There's a good reason why couples massages are a tried-and-true romantic activity: There's nothing like spending some quality time together while participating in an activity that's designed to restore and rejuvenate your body and mind. Remember, a couples massage is about feeling relaxed and pampered, so opt for a sensuous oil massage or indulge in a skin-softening herbal body scrub.

Pampering yourself and your loved one on vacation doesn't have to be limited to days at sea. Consider booking a romantic shore excursion. How about snorkeling with a rainbow array of fish and coral, followed by a coconut oil massage on the beach and a private island picnic?

2. Laugh Together

Couples massages and steak dinners are fun, but belly laughs are a great way to experience shared joy. Sometimes a good dose of comedy is all we need to inspire that extra level of closeness.

One night onboard, take your loved one to a comedy club. The comedy on cruise ships is top-notch, with big names often gracing the stage and sharing their hilarious stand-up acts. If you had a great time one night, check back the next — there may be a brand-new show.

The best time for couples to go is in the evening, when the shows are saucier and adults-only.

3. Take A New Class

Discovering another side of your partner is always fun. Sign up for one of many onboard or shore classes and learn to do something new together. Take a culinary class where you can learn to create the local dishes from your latest port visit or combine a food market tour with a cooking lesson during your shore excursion. Follow it with a wine-tasting course to learn more about what you're drinking.

You can also get moving with a fun dance lesson. Try sensual salsa, energetic hip-hop or that mainstay of romantic movies, ballroom dancing. Even if you step on each other's toes, the thrill of finally getting that dance move right might just spark a new passion back home. Salsa club, here we come!

4. Spice Things Up With A Friendly Competition

While battling against each other might not be your idea of a romantic vacation, a bit of friendly competition with other couples is sure to bring you together.

Trivia can be your time to prove to your partner (and the table) that you really do know everything. Or if general knowledge isn't where you shine, team up with other couples and see if you can beat the record in an onboard escape room. Teamwork will remind you and your loved one of the appreciation you have for each other's skills. After a few cocktails, pick up a karaoke mic and belt out one of your favorite tunes to a crowd of cheering cruisers.

5. Relaxed, Romantic Evenings

Sometimes, romance on a cruise means leaving your phones in your cabin and spending some quiet time together just talking and enjoying the view. One of the most romantic things you can do after a light dinner is to change into your swimwear and head out to the hot tubs. The warm, bubbly water, the salty sea breeze and the starry night sky are an intoxicating combination. Insider tip: The hot tubs on deck stay open 'til 10 p.m.

6. Embrace Onshore Excursions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kick your romantic vacations up a notch? When you hike to a secret waterfall, go paragliding over a capital city or scuba deep into an ancient shipwreck, you get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience something unique together.

No matter what you choose, it'll be an exciting day for both of you, so grab your partner's hand and get ready for an exhilarating time! Nothing sparks romance more than an adventure.

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