How To Plan A Romantic Getaway For Two

Ignite Your Passion, Ideas of Things for Couples to Do on Vacation

By Claire Heginbotham | Published on September 26, 2022

Turning a simple couple's vacation into a heart-throbbing romantic getaway is something of an art form. When done right, a trip with your loved one can set your imagination on fire and your heart ablaze.

A romantic vacation is so much more than spending time in a hot tub with a glass of wine. The novelty of sharing a unique experience is what will really bring you and your love together. It can unlock hidden parts of your partner and help you both see each other in new and exciting ways.

Here's what you need to know about planning the best couple's getaway.

Shared Experiences Are Like Cupid's Arrows

romantic couple canoeing toward a vacation sunset. Canada.
romantic couple canoeing toward a vacation sunset. Canada.

It's proven that shared experiences increase the strength and quality of your relationship — even if it's a new one. A shared experience heightens the senses and gives you time to connect. Overall, it boosts your love.

Of course, booking a couple's cruise around the world and preparing for the best is only the start. When planning your romantic getaway, it is important to ensure you do things together that you both enjoy, a few things your partner likes, and then sprinkle in experiences that are new to you both. There is, however, one rock-solid piece of advice I can impart as the most valuable travel tip for vacationing as a couple: do your absolute best to avoid pressing your partner to do something you are skilled at when they are not interested in doing the activity all together. Remember while showing off how good you are at an interest of yours, it might feel nice to you in the moment, though that could also leave your partner feeling a little outdone, lonely, or even frustrated with themselves — not ideal situation for a romantic vacation!

All in all, listening to each other’s travel ideas is essential. After all the best couple's vacation experiences tend to be the ones that are relatively new, allowing the opportunity for both of you to create original memories together.

The Most Romantic Things For Couples To Do

Japanese Matcha tea ceremony. Japan.
Japanese Matcha tea ceremony. Japan.

Cultural experiences can often open your eyes to a different side of your loved one's personality while you learn about the region you're traveling in. One of the best places to dive into a culture other than your own is Japan. In Tokyo, join a geisha party in Asakusa or unleash your inner gamer and play at the high-tech AR art museum teamLab Borderless. And if you find yourself in the ancient capital of Kyoto, immerse yourself in Japanese culture by learning the finer points of the Japanese tea ceremony. The quiet and intimate tea ceremony is all about harmony and is a beautiful way to start your honeymoon off with good intentions.

For the foodie couple, there's nothing that says "I love you" more than a from-scratch meal. If you're in a spot like Santa Barbara — Julia Child's favorite foodie destination — then consider booking a French cooking class. Grab a glass of wine, try to decipher your ingredient list together, and have fun creating a dish outside your normal weeknight repertoire. But don't stop there, you can find a novel experience in every city. Like in San Francisco, getting there is half the fun when you can take a horse-drawn carriage to your next culinary experience.

sunset sky in Napa Valley Wine Country. California.
sunset sky in Napa Valley Wine Country. California.

If you enjoy a good tipple, seek out alcohol-tasting tours that reflect the region you're in. In Ireland, the dark and cozy tasting room of Jameson has your name on it. Spend the day tossing back shots of whiskey and chatting with the bartenders.

If your palette is more refined to wine, book a few days in Napa Valley in the United States, Champagne in France, or Stellenbosch in South Africa. These world-class wine-tasting locations have hundreds of famous wine farms to explore hand-in-hand.

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When Outdoor Adventures Are Romantic (and When They're Not)

Enjoying the great outdoors can be the best part of an epic romantic escape for the adventurous couple. Fair warning: These daring adventures will result in loads of stories and photos for years to come.

Whitewater rafting in Alaska is one of the best things to do for couples wanting to fully experience this stunning landscape. Bonus points for working together to paddle the raft! If the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean are more your scene, strike out from the usual beach activities and take a thrilling high-speed boat to a nearby offshore island, a serene spot for a romantic picnic.

tourists on looking out at the fjords. Norway.
tourists on looking out at the fjords. Norway.
In search of breathtaking views from mountaintops? Travel to Norway for some of best rock climbing opportunities in Europe. While there are routes for beginners, you could also spend some time together in the gym prepping for your big trip. Scaling a mountain together and looking out across the sweeping valleys, plunging fjords, and beautiful islands will make you feel like the only two people on earth — talk about couple goals!
vacation couple walking along the Great Wall of China. Asia
vacation couple walking along the Great Wall of China. Asia

There are, of course, classic places that incorporate both the outdoors and history, that make for a romantic day of exploration. Many couples bond over the long trek up and down the impressive Great Wall of China or the pilgrimage up to Machu Picchu in Peru, walking in the footsteps of many travelers before you. If you have a sweet tooth, visit Chichen Itza in Mexico to learn more about the birthplace of chocolate. Share some real Mayan chocolate and Mexican tequila to excite all your senses.

You don't have to go far for an exhilarating day outside together. There's no shortage of adventures to be had just beyond your front door. Just remember, for your adventure to count as "romantic," you have to follow a few ground rules. First, keep the intensity low. Don't plan something that requires physical exertion beyond your or your partner's level. No one wants to be stuck on a mountain with heatstroke on day one of a five-day hike. And make sure you've both got the right gear. Surprising someone with an exploit is a great idea, but you better secretly pack the right equipment or risk injury.

Finally, arrange for something comfortable and cozy to look forward to after your excursion. There's nothing better than going on a heart-thumping hike or fjord climb while knowing you have a hotel room hot tub, delicious meal, bottle of bubbles, and beautiful nighttime view waiting for you.

Don't discount the magic of a romantic getaway to a colder clime.

The Power Of Romantic Couple’s Cruises

couple on a romantic beach getaway. The Caribbean.
couple on a romantic beach getaway. The Caribbean.

When stress from your job as well as the day-to-day life starts to impact your relationship, a couple’s cruise is the best place to go — especially for a romantic couple's vacation. The wonderful thing about having a lovely time on a cruise for couples is the spectacular level of comfort and convenience offered. You and your love can hang by the pool, plan a spontaneous date night with amazing foods, sip margaritas at the bar, or just "Netflix and chill" in your suite while indulging in a cheeky bit of room service. And yes, on a romantic getaway this perfect is also where you can finally treat yourselves to a spa day and book a couple's massage.

Planning a vacation cruise is a great option for a quick getaway with minimal preparation and romance guaranteed. Beyond pure indulgence in the good life, you will also be able to point out the best sunsets, unforgettable views, as well as romantic tours and relaxing couples cruise activities.

When you think of romantic vacation destinations for traveling on a couple’s cruise, the warm and breezy tropics probably come to mind. Though I recommend challenging yourself to venture further out. After a day in the city, hop onboard a cruise out of New York City across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Here, in beautiful places such as Greece and Italy, true luxury day trip experiences await. Eat and drink your way down the turquoise coasts, soaking up the sun and living the high life. The best part of cruising? The convenient amenities and romance travels with you from one vacation destination to the next for the ultimate relaxation sensation.

Iceland Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa
Geothermal Spa
Don't discount the magic of planning a romantic getaway to a colder clime. Imagine soaking in the hot springs around the word in geothermal waters such as the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or traveling across magically glaciers on an Alaskan vacation adventure. After exploring a new frozen wonderland, return to your cruise suite to watch the whales breach the water while spending some well-deserved time relaxing together as you both cuddled up in front of a beautiful sunset. Leaving your day to be completed with only you, your partner, warm cups of hot beverages, and the memory of a wonderful day trip spent traveling in love together.

Your Romantic Getaway Experience Awaits

Whether you need to rekindle your spark or are stoking the roaring flames of love, you deserve a romantic vacation. You just have to be adventurous, open-minded, and ready for anything. And remember, any trip can become a romantic one when you are traveling together on a vacation getaway.

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Claire Heginbotham is a professional copywriter and adventure traveler. Over the last five years, she's published work with Royal Caribbean, Gaijinpot, Kuroko Tours, and many more. She's traveled to hundreds of bespoke Asian destinations where the unknown flourishes.

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