Old brick homes lining a canal in Bruges, Belgium

Cruise to Bruges/Zeebruge (Brussels), Belgium

Bruges offers the best of both worlds: a European cultural hub and, not far beyond, a seafront paradise. Often called the Venice of the North, the capital of Belgium's West Flanders province is lined with canals, bridges and historic buildings. One of Europe's best-preserved medieval towns, Bruges' historic town center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Belgium cruises give you access to the lively market square and see the Belfry of Bruges, a popular piece of Middle Ages architecture. Encounter the city's other personality in Zeebrugge — or "Bruges on sea." This international port and seafront resort is home to cafes, a beach and a marina.
National Language Dutch
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Bruges/Zeebruge (Brussels)

The market square in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium Market Square

Behold the Belfry

Behold the Belfry

Standing 83 meters tall and founded in 1240, Bruges' Belfry tower is home to a carillon with 47 bells. Learn about the tower's history in the reception area, then ascend 366 steps up the narrow staircase for a breathtaking Bruges view.

An assortment of Belgium chocolates

Bruges, Belgium Assorted Belgium Chocolates

Check Out Choco-Story

Check Out Choco-Story

Belgium is synonymous with chocolate. Learn more about the history of chocolate at Bruges' chocolate museum, Choco-Story. Housed in the 16th-century Huis de Crone building, the museum lets you see chocolate being made. There's also a section dedicated to chocolate's health benefits.

An aerial view of Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium Aerial View

Get a Seafront Education

Located in a former fish auction hall, at Seafront you'll learn about Belgium's fishing industry and this important world port. Check out the various activities and exhibitions — there are installations on Zeebrugge and World War II. Cruise to Belgium and visit the Russian submarine and West Hinder, the lighthouse-ship. Kids will love the pirate island and the ball pit.

A container with fries topped with mayonnaise

Bruges, Belgium Fries with Mayonnaise

Local Cuisine

Sample some classic Belgian fries, served with mayo rather than ketchup. Got a sweet tooth? Seek out Belgian waffles, or indulge in a delicious bowl of hot chocolate at The Old Chocolate House. Meanwhile, seafood is Zeebrugge's main food group of choice — the dish moules frites combines mussels with the city's signature fries.

Various miniature traditional home souvenirs in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium Traditional Home Souvenirs


The best shopping in Bruges is within walking distance of the historic town center. Purchase chocolate at The Chocolate Line, Dumon or Choco-Story's gift shop. Pick up a miniature Bruges house at a traditional handicraft store. If you're visiting between March and November, explore the flea market along the Dijver every Saturday and Sunday.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 There's always something happening at Markt in Bruges, whether it's amusement rides, performances or a market.
2 If you're looking to get away from the crowds, check out the urban orchard Hof De Jonghe or the quaint, quiet Sint-Anna Quarter.

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