Aerial view of Kalamia beach with white rock formations and turquoise water of Argostoli, Greece

Cruise to Argostoli, Greece

The Ionian island of Cephalonia in postcards portrays idyllic beaches, forest-clad mountains and crystal clear waters. But adventure in its capital city of Argostoli is much more than meets the eye. This small town comes full of friendly locals— and visitors quickly fall for its traditional Greek lifestyle and spectacular natural attractions, like the Koutavos Lagoon’s nature preserve. Stroll along De Bosset Bridge, where endangered sea turtles swim out to sea. Admire Vallianos Square’s grand bell tower and taste Robola wine in a local vineyard. Rumble in a Jeep to the summit of Mount Ainos, or experience the thrill of coasteering down rock faces dangling over the Ionian Sea.
National Language Greek
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Argostoli

Fishing boats anchoring by Koutavos Lagoon in Argostoli, Greece

Argostoli, Greece Koutavos Lagoon



Explore Koutavos Lagoon, a shallow-water salt marsh and breeding site for loggerhead sea turtles. Take a stroll or a bicycle ride around the lagoon’s paved pathways. Rent an electric boat or splash along in a pedal boat. See the feeding grounds of aquatic birds— and keep your eyes peeled for swimming turtles.

Tourist boat on the lake in Melissani Cave in Argostoli, Greece

Argostoli, Greece Melissani Lake



Get a first-hand look at Cephalonia’s swallow holes, where seawater flows under the island. Row a boat into underground Melissani Lake to see its magnificent shafts of sunlight. Then enter nearby Drogarati Cave, a large network of underground chambers known for its breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites.

Sunset at famous Myrtos beach in Argostoli, Greece

Argostoli, Greece Myrtos Beach Sunset


Bask in the postcard-perfect beaches of Cephalonia, complete with warm, impossibly blue waters and shimmering golden sands. Sunbathe beside Myrtos’ sky-high limestone cliffs. Relax in the beach bars lining Makry Gialos. Enjoy thrilling watersports from Lassi’s popular shoreline— or dine on fresh Ionian seafood in a restaurant overlooking Avithos Beach.

Traditional Kefalonian meat pie from a restaurant in Argostoli, Greece

Argostoli, Greece Kefaloniani Meat Pie


Many recipes in Argostoli have been passed down through generations via family cookbooks. The rich Cephalonian meat pie is a must-try— or savor classics like stifado (beef stew), moussaka (eggplant casserole) and exohiko (lamb-stuffed phyllo pockets). Fresh octopus and squid are abundant in the surrounding waters, while wineries outside of town are known for their dry white Robola and sweet Mavrodaphne dessert wine.

Wine bottles arranged on the wall of a shop in Argostoli, Greece

Argostoli, Greece Wine


Lithostroto, in the heart of Argostoli, is lined with stylish boutiques and kitschy souvenir shops. Garbis and Tzannatos are both family-owned jewelry stores, while several local retailers sell one-of-a-kind ceramics. For tasty souvenirs, buy local golden honey, olive oil, white Robola wine or red Calliga cava.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Be sure to settle your fare before riding in a taxi, as many drivers don’t use their meters.
2 The KTEL bus is a great option for traveling to the island’s most remote beaches and villages.

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