Pia Glacier in the Chilean Fjords
South America's Secret Natural Wonder

Cruise to Chilean Fjords (Cruising), Chile

Tucked far away on the southernmost tip of South America are the majestic ice-clad Chilean Fjords. So remote is this area, Darwin and the first explorers called this isolated landscape "the edge of the world." Made up of a complex network of glacier-lined canals, the fjords are an epic display of the power of ice. This Patagonian ice sheet that blankets the Andes Mountains is the third largest ice mass on the planet! Massive icebergs calve regularly into the oceans while subpolar forests flourish thanks to the abundant summer waterfalls. For all the scenery's calm gravitas, the fjords buzz with animal activity. Humpback whales make their serene migration through the deep, icy waters, and pods of dolphins play in the wake of passenger ships — the most popular mode of transport for locals. Hundreds of species of seabirds flock to the area, while Magellanic penguins come to the fjords to build their nests on exposed grassy beaches. One of the best things to do in the Chilean Fjords is to simply kick back, grab a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy the view.

Things To Do in Chilean Fjords (Cruising)

Magellanic Penguins in the Chilean Fjords
Magellanic Penguins in the Chilean Fjords

Penguin Alert!

There are five penguin species endemic to South America, and in the Chilean Fjords, you'll find plenty of Magellanic penguins going about their nesting season. By mid-summer, there will be small, fluffy chicks wandering the beaches. You can also spot groups of grownup penguins swimming into the blue in search of dinner.

The Spanish Glacier within the Chilean Fjords
The Spanish Glacier within the Chilean Fjords

Go Glacier-Watching

There are countless glaciers creeping over mountains and flowing down cliffs. Far from static, glaciers will frequently calve into floating icebergs while others hug subpolar forests and spout crystal clear waterfalls throughout the landscape. Marvel at these natural formations and decide which kind is your favorite.

An Andean Condor in the Chilean Fjords
An Andean Condor in the Chilean Fjords

Spot Rare Birds

In this part of Chile, tens of thousands of seabirds congregate into impressive flocks. Expect to see plenty of gulls along with rare sights such as the Peruvian pelican and southern giant petrel. Notably, keep an eye out for the elusive Andean condor and the black-browed albatross — two enormous birds with wingspans between nine and 10 feet!

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