Clear blue water off the coast of Mare, New Caledonia

Cruise to Mare, New Caledonia

As the southernmost Loyalty island, Mare is the first to welcome the sun's golden rays in the morning. Untouched by the outside world, the island holds a wild beauty supported by environmentally sustainable tourism. The landmass itself is formed from layers of coral, and the entire island is honeycombed with secret freshwater lagoons, grottoes and sinkholes. Cruise to Mare and head to Yejele Beach to walk the white sands and wade in the aquamarine waters punctuated by colorful coral. Descend into Trou de Bone, a limestone cave leading to lush gardens and a natural pool. Or check out the Yeiwene Yeiwene Cultural Centre to learn more about the indigenous Kanak culture and see the stone ruins of the Hnaenedr wall, which dates back to 250 AD.
National Language French
Currency Accepted CFP Franc (XPF)

Things To Do in Mare

The rocky coast on Mare, New Caledonia

Mare, New Caledonia, Rocky coast

A Legendary Leap

A Legendary Leap

Head to Wakone called to see Le Saut du Guerrier — the Warrior's Leap. According to island legend, warrior Here Hnor was once cornered here by his enemies, and to escape, he made a daring seven-meter leap over to the other side of the cliff. Soak up the history as you stand in the same spot as the warriors of old.

Tropical fish and coral off the coast of Mare, New Caledonia

Mare, New Caledonia, Tropical fish and coral

Crazy for Coral

Crazy for Coral

At the Shabadran Terraces, layers of coral form an expansive reef under turquoise water and crashing waves. Every so often, water rushes through blowholes, exploding into the air with a rainbow spray. Reach the terraces with a short drive through swaying coconut trees or a two-hour hike.

A sea turtle swimming in shallow water

Mare, New Caledonia, Sea turtle in shallow water

Turtle Time

Head to the La Baie des Tortues at high tide to find a wealth of sea turtles milling about, casually munching sea grass as they go. After checking with a local, you can swim with these gentle creatures in their natural habitat during your cruise.

Multiple chicken shish kebobs with a bowl of salad on the side

Mare, New Caledonia, Chicken shish kebob

Local Cuisine

For the best eating on Mare island, head to the casual beach-side huts. Settle down and indulge in a few brochettes — island-style skewers of chicken grilled over a fire. Eager to share the catch of the day, locals will offer you freshly caught lobster and crab platters with a rustic charm.

Wooden turtle souvenir sculptures

Mare, New Caledonia, Wooden turtle sculptures


There are a few small market stalls where you can find little handicrafts and keepsakes. Experience Kanak fashion and get your hair braided in a traditional native style by one of the local women. You can use Australian Dollars on the island to pay for any goods you want to buy. Cruise to Mare and bring home a tribal turtle sculpture for good luck.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Many of the main sights are unmarked — chat up a local to point them out to you, or hire a guide to take you around.
2 English isn't widely spoken in Mare, only French, so keep a phrase book handy.

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