Aerial view of the Rock  of Monaco, in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Cruise to Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco means yachts, roulette wheels and ocean views — the epitome of Mediterranean class and opulence. Cruise to Monaco to play a round of blackjack at the famous Monte Carlo Casino, and while you're there, check out its delightfully over-the-top Beaux Arts exterior and its lavish marble atrium. Pay a visit to the Palais du Prince, the 13th-century fortress where the Principality's current royal family resides. Want to spend your time in Monaco outdoors? Do some sunbathing at Larvotto Beach — the golden sands of this urban beach are just a short walk from the upscale shops of Avenue Princess Grace.
National Language French
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Monte Carlo

Front of the Grand Casino I Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco Grand Casino Front

Try Your Chances

Try Your Chances

It's impossible not to recognize the facade of Monte Carlo casino, whether from European travel guides or James Bond movies. Walk inside and have a look around at its ornate marble atrium. Play a hand of blackjack. Or simply stay near the entrance and gawk at the long line of Lamborghinis and Maseratis the valet attendant is busy parking.

The Prince's Palace of Monaco, the official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco Prince's Palace

Get the Royal Treatment

Get the Royal Treatment

The only thing more rewarding than ascending the hill where Monaco's resplendent Prince's Palace sits? The view you enjoy from the top, whether of Monte Carlo's iconic yacht port beneath, France's Cote d'Azur to your west and the start of Italy's Ligurian coast to your right. Now that's a view fit for a prince or princess.

Stylish mediterranean beach with white sunbeds and red umbrellas in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco Stylish Beach

Toast the Sea

While many of Monaco's most popular to-do's involve glitz and glamour, the simplicity of Larvotto Beach remains more or less as nature intended. The beach is stylishly manicured, of course, with dramatic carmine umbrellas and ivory beach chair covers. Plus, the martinis and wines on offer here are no more expensive than on any other European beach.

Dish of codfish in tomato sauce, in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco Codfish

Local Cuisine

Despite the island's reputation for extravagance, residents of Monaco are famously modest about their food. While it's true that local specialties like stocafi — dried cod cooked in tomato sauce — and socca chickpea pancakes can be found elsewhere in the Mediterranean, this simple cuisine manages to be every bit as elegant as the casino and the yachts.

Decorated bouquets of lavender on a market in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco Lavender Bouquets


Monaco's local markets are as delightfully simple as its local food. Condamine Market evokes France's nearby Provence region — head here for handmade goods, including the region's signature lavender products. Cruise to Monte Carlo and head to the Place du Casino or Cercle d'Or if you want to shop with the city's highest rollers for luxury goods such as designer watches, silk scarves and leather shoes.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Monaco is close to both France and Italy, but you shouldn't attempt an excursion to either unless you have at least 4–6 hours to spare.
2 Walk around as much of the country as you can (it's only an hour's walk across) to see the variety of people who live here.

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