Day time cityscape of Vladivostok, Russia, with Zolotoy Golden Bridge in the background

Cruise to Vladivostok, Russia

Though not as well-known as Moscow or St. Petersburg, Russia's far-eastern city of Vladivostok is full of charm and unique culture. Pick up steamed <em>Pian-se</em> dumplings, a Russian-Korean combo stuffed with spiced meat and cabbage, and stroll along the Vladivostok Embankment, the city's waterfront walkway — on weekends, you can catch a glimpse of the fountain at its central point lit up in blue and green. Cruise to Russia and visit dolphins at the Primorsky Aquarium, or take the cable car up to the scenic summit of Eagle's Nest Hill, an extinct volcano that offers sweeping views of the Sikhote Alin mountain range.
National Language Russian
Currency Accepted Russian Ruble (RUB)

Things To Do in Vladivostok

An old abandoned gun battery aiming at the bay in Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia Abandoned Gun Battery

Historic Stronghold

Historic Stronghold

Check out Vladivostok Fortress: Its placards tell the story of the Russo-Japanese War. Enjoy a more inspiring history of the city by visiting the museum erected to honor Vladimir Arsenyev, whose explorations led to the founding of the city.

Shell shaped oceanarium in Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia Oceanarium

Animals Abound

Animals Abound

Primorsky Aquarium, appropriately shaped like a half-shell, is home to a small population of extremely friendly dolphins, which greet visitors several times per day. Alternatively, head to Primorye Safari Park, where Siberian tigers are in easy range of your camera, but far enough away not to eat you.

A unique beach of smooth glass, Glass Bay in Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia Glass Bay

The Glass is Greener

While Vladivostok has only a few weeks per year of what can be considered beach weather, you don't have to visit in summer to enjoy the sea in Siberia. During your Russia cruise, carve out some time for an ice-fishing adventure, or take a walk along nearby Glass Beach, where eroded glass deposited over years has become multicolored stones on the shoreline.

Dumplings of Pan-Asian cuisine from a restaurant in Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia Pan-Asian Cuisine

Local Cuisine

With a location closer to Seoul than Moscow — by a long shot — Vladivostok's cuisine is markedly Asian-inspired. Try Korean-inflected Pian-se dumplings, where ground meat, onions, spices and cabbage come together inside soft, steamed dough. Cruise to Russia and dig into this port city's top-notch cold-water seafood: Stop by the vendors at Sportivnaya Market and have them prepare you giant crab legs, ultra-fresh sea urchin or king prawns to eat on the spot.

Closeup of traditional Gzhel style, ceramic tableware in a shop in Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia Tableware


Shopping in Vladivostok is as diverse an experience as eating there, with goods that range from traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls to avant-garde paintings by local artists or Korean-influenced blue-and-white Ghzel porcelain plates and household items. You'll also find a large selection of locally produced liqueurs, including regional favorite Ussuri Balsam, a type of bitters flavored with the lemongrass that grows wild here.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 As is the case even in Moscow and St. Petersburg, most local Russians don't speak English. Download Russian in your phone's "Translate" app, and cache it so you can use it offline.
2 Head back to the port well in advance of your departure time — traffic delays are common here.

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