The front of the Egeskov Castle in Denmark

Cruise to Fredericia, Denmark

Step into the heart of Denmark's Jutland peninsula. Founded as a fortress town in 1650 by Frederick III, Fredericia is home to one of Europe's largest best-preserved ramparts, complete with bastions, moats and cannons. Head to the historic town center to find cozy shops, restaurants and a traditional market. Denmark cruises give you the opportunity to learn more about Danish history at Egeskov Castle and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. Later, walk the Lillebaelt ("Little Belt") bridge for 360-degree views of the bay. Up for a maritime adventure? Suit up for some stand-up paddleboarding, or go whale-watching to catch a glimpse of the creatures that call these northern waters home.
National Language Danish
Currency Accepted Danish Krone (DKK)

Things To Do in Fredericia

The Little Belt Bridge in Fredericia, Denmark

Fredericia, Denmark Little Belt Bridge

Walk Over Water

Walk Over Water

If adventure is your thing, Europe's only bridge walk on the old Little Belt bridge takes you to heart-stopping heights. Take in the unimpeded views across the fjord — you'll see not only Fredericia but also Middelfart to the south. Trained guides join you on the 60-meter ascent, filling you in on the history of the area.

A zoomed in view of a cannon barrel

Fredericia, Denmark Cannon

War and Peace

War and Peace

Built as a fortress town, Fredericia offers history around every corner. Take a guided tour of the ramparts to learn how the Thirty Years' War led to the creation of this key defensive town. Walk along the moats, and run your hands along the original cannons.

A person kayaking in the bay in Demark

Fredericia, Denmark Kayaking In Bay

Paddle for a Porpoise

Fredericia is a playground for water sports enthusiasts. View the town from the calm waters of the Little Belt strait, paddling along in a kayak or canoe. You may even come across seals or a porpoise on your journey.

A wienerbrod pastry

Fredericia, Denmark Wienerbrod Pastry

Local Cuisine

Fredericia runs the culinary spectrum. Stop into a local cafe for open-faced sandwiches — classic combos include roast beef with horseradish and herring with pickled onion and dill. Try freshly baked wienerbrod, a multilayered puff pastry filled with jam, marzipan or custard. Higher-end options present modern interpretations of the land's bounty — think snow crab with pickled celery and apple, or pan-fried local monkfish with Jerusalem artichokes.

Various sweaters for sale at a market

Fredericia, Denmark Sweaters at Market


Fredericia's town center is filled with a wide range of specialty shops focused on Danish design — a modern, minimalist look that brings a feeling of space to your home. Both shops and markets offer local ceramics and other handicrafts. Head home with some authentic Danish knitwear, with its earth tones and classic geometric patterns. Or pick up a handmade work of art from one of the many galleries just across the bridge in Middelfart.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 The Historical Mini Town shows Fredericia's market town from 1849, with everything from houses, streets and the fortress accurately recreated in 1:10 size.
2 Middelfart is just a few minutes away; head there to see the Culture Island, part of the new seafront.

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