A beach in Skagen, Denmark with the Skagen Lighthouse in the distance

Cruise to Skagen, Denmark

In Skagen, Denmark's northernmost town, you'll find a wind-swept region with pure white-sand beaches. Called the Land of Light, the area's natural beauty and unique light has long attracted artists. Skagen's lively town center is full of shops, museums and cafes serving up famous Danish open-faced sandwiches topped with horseradish cream, pickled herring and fresh shrimp. Duck into to the Skagen Museum, where you'll find paintings, graphics and ceramics by regional artists. Cruise to Skagen, Denmark and stop by the famous Sand-Covered Church, Denmark's largest migrating dune, which is continually re-shaped due to the strong and often competing winds coming off the seas. Then, explore the town by bike: With a flat landscape, Skagen is perfect for discovering on two wheels.
National Language Danish
Currency Accepted Danish Krone (DKK)

Things To Do in Skagen

A World War 2 bunker at a beach in Skagen, Denmark

Skagen, Denmark, Beach bunker

Bunker Down

Bunker Down

Skagen's coastline is home to a number of bunkers dating back to World War II, some half-submerged in water or sand. Check out the Skagen Bunker Museum, located in an old German bunker. It features a number of artifacts from the time, including weapons and uniforms, along with a film room and an operations room that take you back in time.

A close-up view of The Sand-Covered Church in Skagen, Denmark

Skagen, Denmark, Close-up view of the sand covered church

Sandy Worship

Sandy Worship

Built in the 14th century and dedicated to Saint Lawrence of Rome, the Sand-Covered Church was overcome by rising levels of sand that buried the structure faster than it could be dug out. At one point, the door had to be dug out before every service, which led to the locals abandoning the church. Today, just the main tower remains, still at the mercy of the shifting sands and winds.

The Skagen lighthouse in Skagen, Denmark

Skagen, Denmark, Lighthouse close-up

Northern Lighthouse

Make time for a visit to the Skagen Grey Lighthouse. Not only is this a distinctive sight of north Jutland, with sweeping views of Kattegat Bay, it's also home to a migratory bird sanctuary — head here to spot species of Arctic birds on their way from Scandinavia to warmer environments.

Two filets of smoked mackerel

Skagen, Denmark, Smoked Mackerel

Local Cuisine

Seafood is the name of the game in Skagen. Try pan-fried fish cakes or smoked salmon with dill and herbs. Cruise to Skagen to indulge in local delicacies like smoked salmon or freshly caught lobster served alongside local potatoes, wild garlic and beach peas. For a distinctive dessert, head to Ruth's Gourmet for the famous oak bark ice cream.

A souevnir shop in Denmark selling an assortment of souvenirs

Skagen, Denmark, Souvenir shop


You'll find charming boutiques and shops along the streets of Skagen. Butik Skagen carries local handicrafts, such as sweaters, blankets and ceramics, as well as number of well-known Danish brands, including Mogens Alex Petersen. Den Bla Appelsin is another notable shop, carrying quality women's fashion and wonderful handicrafts and textiles.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Danes love to bike everywhere, so make like a local and rent a bike to explore the beautiful coastline.
2 Danish is a generic term for pastries in some countries, but you haven't really had a pastry until you've had a Danish pastry so stop into a bakery and indulge. You won't regret it
3 Hike the dunes of the Rabjerg Mile, the windswept stretch that will bring out your romantic, artistic side.

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