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How do I get recognition for Royal Caribbean loyalty points on other Royal Caribbean LTD. brands?


If you are currently a member of each loyalty program, you will automatically receive benefits based on your membership level between each. For instance, if you are a Crown & Anchor Platinum or Emerald member and a Captain's Club Classic member, you will be automatically be entitled to the Select level in the Captain's Club. If you are a Diamond or Diamond Plus member; you will automatically receive equivalent recognition as a Captain's Club Elite member. The benefits of the programs will stay independent, and the number of sailings a member accrues on each brand will not be combined. You will earn the Cruise Credit or Cruise Point for the brand you are sailing as long as you are a member of that brand's loyalty program.

If you are a Captain’s Club Select, then you will receive Platinum benefits if you sail on a Royal Caribbean ship. If you are a Captain’s Club Elite, then you will receive Diamond benefits for the Crown & Anchor Society.

If you are a Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Plus member in the Crown & Anchor Society but not a member of the Captain's Club and plan on sailing on Celebrity Cruises, call the Loyalty Service Center at (800) 526-9723 to enroll for equivalent recognition. And please remember to provide your Membership Number whenever you reserve a cruise vacation to receive all the benefits you deserve.

For a completed list of International Loyalty contacts, click here.

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