Person Rock Climbing
Rise to the occasion and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Included in your fare, no reservation required.
Man Jumping High with a Surfboard on Flowrider
Grab your board and get ready for 30,000 gallons of rushing awesome headed your way. The surf’s always up on the 40-foot-long FlowRider® surf simulator
North Star Bar onboard a cruise with 360º views from 300 feet above sea level.
Stand in a jewel-shaped capsule that reveals breathtaking 360-degree views as you gently ascend 300 feet above sea level.

Grilled Veal Chop entree at the specialty, Chops Grille restaurant. Cruise vacation fine dining steaks served table side.
chops grille℠
For more than a decade, the chefs of Chops Grille℠ have proudly presented quality, hand-cut prime steaks at this hallmark Royal Caribbean restaurant.
King of Hearts Wonderland Royal Burger served at Wonderland
Our Wonderland chefs twist their culinary kaleidoscopes, inventing elaborate dreamscapes of never-before-seen fare. The story begins as you "brush" the menu and find your element— Sun, Ice, Fire, Water, Earth and Dreams.
QN, Quantum, AN, Anthem, Jamie''s Italian, dynamic dining, cuisine, culinary image, Lobster Al Forno, seafood, food, restaurant, spaghetti, pasta, dish
At Jamie's Italian by Jamie Oliver, you’ll enjoy Tuscan-inspired dishes like the crowd-pleasing Famous Plank and pastas made in-house — all crafted by one of Britain’s most famous chefs.



Whether you’re suiting up for an aerial adventure on the only skydiving simulator at sea or sipping expertly crafted cocktails with a splash of cutting-edge tech, you’re in for a full-on cruise vacation reboot that takes you from day to night. The Ovation of the Seas® offers a wide selection of adventure, cruise activities and dining experiences onboard.
Instructor floating in the air, Ripcord by iFly activity

Free Falling Fun

Put your adventure in motion with a skydiving session at RipCord® by iFLY®. Engineered with state-of-the-art mechanics, this groundbreaking simulator lets you experience what it’s like to float on air without ever leaving the deck. Just suit up and let the wind carry you away inside a transparent chamber.

Bionic bartender mixing and serving cocktails.


After a day filled with onboard adventures, let a robot code your favorite cocktails in binary at the revolutionary Bionic Bar®. Then, settle in for more innovative sips at Two70® and get ready for a multimedia show that blends live performances with computer-coordinated displays designed to dazzle all of your senses.

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