View of Ile du Diable, Devil's Island, French Guiana
The Dark History of Devil's Island

Cruise to Devil's Island, French Guiana

What makes Devil's Island truly tantalizing is that up until just a few years ago, it was completely off-limits to tourists. One of the Îles du Salut, a collection of volcanic islands off the coast of French Guiana, Devil's Island was once a penal colony in the mid-1800s and a place where criminals in the French Empire were exiled. The penal colony operated for over 100 years, until 1953, and was notorious for the way prisoners were treated. Given the island's rocky past, you couldn't visit, until now. Today, cruises to Devil's Island, Fr. Guiana, allow visitors to explore the abandoned prison buildings surrounded by wildlife, like monkeys and capybaras, and tropical vegetation. Cruises to Devil's Island offer a unique experience that won't remind you of any other island you've ever been to. History abounds here: Visit the preserved prison cells themselves, tour the old graveyards, the restored chapel, and other prisoner facilities.
National Language French
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Things To Do in Devil's Island

Tour the prison structures and take a step back in time.
Tour the prison structures and take a step back in time.

Explore the "Forbidden Island"

Though previously forbidden and off-limits to visitors, Devil's Island is now open for exploration. Spend the day touring the old prison structures, and taking in the beauty of the tropical vegetation. History buffs will enjoy drinking in the story of the island's most famous prisoner — Alfred Dreyfus, made notorious by the 19th-century French scandal.

Isle Royale offers even more abandoned prisons to explore.
Isle Royale offers even more abandoned prisons to explore.

Hop to Isle Royale

The largest of the three islands, Isle Royale is perfect for visiting an abundance of restored prison structures, like the chapel built by prisoners, the director's house, and an old graveyard. The director's house was converted into a hotel and restaurant, and there's also a small museum with more information about the unique past of these islands.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Don't expect luxury. The harsh conditions of the penal colony are still palpable to visitors today, making the islands all the more memorable.
2 History and preservation are the islands' main offerings, so prepare to immerse yourself.
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