The Tower of Hercules Roman lighthouse in La Coruna, Spain

Cruise to La Coruna, Spain

Perched on a rocky peninsula in Spain's northwest, La Coruna is brimming with ancient Roman heritage and maritime history. Head to the Crystal City, located right near the harbor, and check out the galerias — the city is famous for these 19th-century enclosed glass balconies that reflect the glittering waters of the Atlantic. Then, walk the Paseo Maritimo: The promenade will take you past ocean views to the Cidade Vella, the city's old town full of remnants of the ancient and medieval past. Walk along the still-standing remnants of the city's Roman Wall, and climb the green hill to the Tower of Hercules — a Roman lighthouse that's been in active use since the second century A.D.
National Language Spanish
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in La Coruna

A close up view of the Tower of Hercules in La Coruna, Spain

La Coruna, Spain, Tower of Hercules close up

To the Tower

To the Tower

Visit the Tower of Hercules, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rising between Orzan Bay and Artabro Gulf, it's one of the oldest working lighthouses in the world. It's said that Ireland was discovered from the top of the tower — try to spot it from while you're at the top. Inside you can see remains of its Roman building materials.

View of La Coruna, Spain for San Pedro Park

La Coruna, Spain, View from San Pedro Park

Hold Down the Fort

Bring a picnic to the former military fort Monte de San Pedro. Today, the site is a picturesque park where you'll find a maze made of Italian plants, a duck pond, a children's playground and a panoramic elevator that takes you up high for the city's best views.

A plate with pulpo a la gallega, grilled octopus, and boiled potatoes

La Coruna, Spain, Grilled Octopus

Local Cuisine

Local shellfish is king in La Coruna. Try pulpo a la gallega, Galician-style octopus served with potatoes and spiced with paprika. Explore Calle Estrella, La Coruna's hot spot for tapas. Must-try small plates include navajas — steamed razor clams and tequenos, a flash-fried dough stuffed with melty cheese. Wash it all down with the city's signature beer, Estrella Galicia.

Hand painted ceramic pottery for sale in Spain

La Coruna, Spain, Hand painted ceramic pottery


You'll find good shopping just off the Calle San Andres. La Coruna's Marineda City, not far from the heart of the city, is Spain's largest shopping center complex. It offers shops, restaurants, an ice rink and a movie theater. Calle Real has luxury shops that sell antiques, jewelry, fashion and traditional hand-painted ceramics.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Most shops close for an afternoon siesta of two to three hours.
2 Most smaller markets (where you can haggle on prices) and souvenir shops will only take cash, not credit cards.
3 Get away from the seafront to eat. The food will be just as tasty — but it'll be about half the price.

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