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Porta per l'Asia sudorientale CROCIERE PER SINGAPORE

Immergiti nel mix eclettico di tradizione storica e fascino moderno di questa repubblica.
Una delle mete più all'avanguardia dell'Asia sudorientale, Singapore è dove i miliardari vanno per scaricare la tensione, le menti più brillanti del mondo si radunano per discutere la tecnologia del futuro e la storia multiculturale è intrisa di arte, architettura e racconti. Visita Singapore per sentire sulla pelle la lieve umidità della Riserva Naturale di Bukit Timah, una foresta pluviale che domina il centro del paese, o fai un giro per Haji Lane nel centro città, un eclettico quartiere con audaci, coloriti murales malesi su ogni parete. Per un mix di storia e cultura moderna, scopri le radici musulmane di Singapore e la superba Moschea del Sultano. Non mancare di visitare i Gardens on the Bay, che ospitano Super Trees futuristici e la collegata OCBC Skyway che coi suoi 22 metri di altezza sovrasta la città. Visita Singapore e scopri la bellezza e l'avventura dietro ad ogni angolo.

Kampong Glam is the epicenter of Malay-speaking Singapore. You'll find a fascinating mix of architecture packed into a small space that draws from a complex cultural heritage. Shop along the trendsetting Haji street, lined with gigantic gorgeous murals, or stand in awe of the gold and white Sultan Mosque, a structure so big, North Bridge road was forced to bend around it.
If you hear Bollywood music drifting lazily between buildings and smell the complex fragrance of curry spice in the air, you must be in Little India. Cruise to Singapore and walk along the friendly neighborhood packed full of food stalls, Hindu temples and budget-friendly shopping centers. Head to Mustafa Shopping Center for retail therapy, or witness the wonders of the colorful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, an opulent temple dedicated to the goddesses Kali and Parvati.
You'll find delectable treats on every corner in Singapore during your vacation. Stroll along the bold red and gold streets of China Town to pick up some delicious Chinese street food. Head to the Street Market to dine on the best crispy duck over noodles, golden satay and freshly steamed dim sum. Before you leave, be sure to check out the Sri Mariamman Temple and its vivid sculpture work.

Marina Bay Sands sits proudly above all other buildings, famously transforming the Singaporean skyline. Head to the top of the 55-story tower to catch an aerial glimpse of the city center, or book a room for the night to gain access to the rooftop bar and pool, where you can relax in luxury.
Looking for a five-star dining experience to write home about? Head to the Newton Food Center where hawkers are heroes, gloriously feeding thousands of hungry locals every day. Order a feast of plates, grab a table and tuck in! You'll be begging for more chili crab marinated in a sweet and spicy tomato-based sauce, BBQ grilled stingray, taro carrot cake and fresh spring rolls.
Iconic for its grove of gigantic, glowing supertrees, Gardens on the Bay is a futuristic location meant to inspire the city. Start your vacation adventure at Cloud Forest, home to the world's tallest human-made waterfall, and make your way to the delightful Flower Grove to walk among brightly colored buds.

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Avventure asiatiche a Singapore

Vera e propria porta d'ingresso dell'Asia, Singapore è il punto di partenza ideale per le tue esplorazioni in questo continente. Durante la tua crociera a Singapore, puoi intraprendere un viaggio notturno in Malesia o una crociera diretta in Thailandia per una dinamica giornata in mare. Da Singapore, puoi visitare il Vietnam, l'India o la Cina. Tutta l'Asia è a portata di mano.
Lanterne rosse appese alla statua del Buddha Guanyin nel tempio cinese di Penang, in Malesia.

Vagabondare in Malesia

Porta d'accesso al Sud-Est asiatico, Singapore sorge sulla costa della Malesia. Dirigiti a nord per cogliere la spiritualità locale a Penang o per esplorare l'eclettica metropoli di Kuala Lumpur. Dalle umide foreste pluviali alle città trafficate, c'è sempre qualcosa da vedere in Malesia.

Isole Koh Yao Noi Phuket, Thailandia

Escursione in Thailandia

Da Singapore, prosegui per la Thailandia e crogiolati al sole sulla spiaggia di Phuket. Percorri Khaosan Road alla ricerca di souvenir colorati o visita il Grand Palace per un assaggio di opulenza Thai. In Thailandia, potrai cogliere la bellezza del Sud-Est asiatico.

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Sing-apore Its Praises

From the active city streets to the dense rainforests, Singapore is a diverse area with something for everyone.

The city is connected by a fleet of budget-friendly trains, and public transport is easy, safe and fast. While renting a car can be expensive due to road taxes, you can find affordable taxis just about anywhere in Singapore. There's no bad time to visit the country, since it's warm and humid all year long.

When you visit Singapore, you'll hear different languages mingle together in the streets. English is one of the official languages, though, so you'll easily be able to communicate with vendors. Keep an open mind on your vacation adventures — learning a few words in Tamil, Malay or Mandarin is sure to impress the locals!

Insider Tips

1 Pick up a Singapore Tourist Pass for cheap, unlimited train travel for up to three days.
2 Public transport is excellent in Singapore, but if you prefer to use a taxi, use the Grab app for quick pickups.
3 Drinking alcohol after 10:30 p.m. is prohibited, so be sure to plan your night accordingly.


Singaporeans are united by one common love: good food. It's almost impossible to walk down a street without the delicious scents of cooking food making your belly rumble!

Hokkien Mee, Please!
Hokkien mee is one of the most popular stir-fry dishes in Singapore. The combination of egg noodles, chopped rice noodles, seafood, veggies and some chili sauce will leave you full and happy.
Chow on Chai Tow
Commonly known as carrot cake, chai tow kway is actually made with daikon radish and rice flour. Fried with eggs and pork fat, it's a greasy, salty, gooey and crispy adventure on a plate.
Roast on Rice
Try tender slices of roast duck (expertly cooked with crispy skin) over a simple bowl of white rice. You'll definitely find the simple flavors and luxurious texture to be filling and delicious.


Immergiti nel meraviglioso mondo del Sud-Est asiatico. Visita la Thailandia con i suoi panorami mozzafiato di Phuket, immergiti nella scoperta culturale di Bangkok e tuffati nelle cristalline acque azzurre di Koh Tao. Fai una crociera attraverso il Golfo di Thailandia e il Mare della Cina meridionale per esplorare destinazioni come la Cambogia, il Vietnam e le Filippine. Oppure, vai a nord per esplorare le affollate strade della Cina e di Taiwan o i tranquilli paesaggi del Giappone.

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