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Cruise to Brest, France

Brest brings you old-school Brittany with a modern edge. This innovative harbor city, rebuilt after World War II with an eye toward the future, is one of Europe's premier maritime destinations. Cruise to France to learn about sea life at the colossal aquarium Oceanopolis, or wander down the quays to catch a glimpse of the naval port. Explore the city from the sky on Europe's first urban cable car, or take a walk over the Albert Louppe bridge to see the opulent cable-stayed bridge, Pont de l'lroise, across the way.
National Language French
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Brest

A bridge crossing over the Nantes Brest Canal in France

Brest, France Bridge Over Nantes Brest Canal

Immerse Yourself in Architecture

Immerse Yourself in Architecture

Brest is a city of innovation, and the Pont de l'lroise is one of the most forward-thinking structures here. The striking cable bridge connects Pointe Sainte Barbe and Le Cap. Grab your camera before dusk and find yourself a spot on the adjacent Plougastel Bridge for the best views as the sun goes down over the Elorn River.

View of the Chateau de Brest old castle in Brest, France

Brest, France Chateau de Brest Castle

History Lesson in a Castle

History Lesson in a Castle

Head to the Musee National de la Marine to explore the history that shaped modern-day Brest with France cruises. Housed in Chateau de Brest, the oldest building in the city, it's the perfect place for history buffs to learn about the city's developments of the port and its involvement in World War II.

A turtle swimming at the Oceanopolis Aquarium in Brest, France

Brest, France Turtle Swimming at Oceanopolis Aquarium

Plunge Into Oceanopolis

You can't stop in Brest without a visit to Oceanopolis, the only ocean discovery center in Europe. Explore the Polar, Temperate and Tropical pavilions, and lay eyes on over 10,000 species of plants and over 1,000 animal species. Or gaze up at sharks in the massive shark tank that holds a million liters of water.

A crepe filled with strawberries and cream

Brest, France Strawberry and Cream Filled Crepe

Local Cuisine

In Brest, you'll find plenty of traditional French cuisine, but the region is best known for its crepes — specifically, crepes made with strawberries and Chantilly cream. Plougastel, where the best strawberries in France grow, is only minutes away. If you're more for savory than sweet, try a kig ha farz, a pudding of meat broth and buckwheat, or a molene sausage.

A silver necklace with a celtic symbol

Brest, France Celtic Silver Necklace


For shopping, head to Rue de Siam and Rue Jean Jaures, the high streets in town. Brick boutiques and stores line the busy road, offering selections of clothing and jewelry — look for items featuring Celtic designs, reflecting the ancient roots of Brittany. If you're looking to stock your pantry with local products, Roi de Bretagne department store is the place to do it.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Most shops are closed on Sundays, so get your shopping done during the week or on a Saturday.
2 Take a boat ride around the harbor for the full Brest experience.

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