View of the coast at the tip of the Contentin Peninsula

Cruise to Cherbourg, France

Situated on a peninsula that juts into the English Channel, the French city of Cherbourg serves up bountiful ocean views and a deep history. Cherbourg-Normandy cruises give you access to the docks where the Titanic made one of its final stops before its fateful voyage. Ascend Roule Mountain, also called the Montee de Resistants — the summit offers a priceless panorama and a museum that pays homage to the liberation of the city and Europe during World War II. Later, walk to the waterfront for oysters or fresh-caught Demoiselles de Cherbourg, the local mini lobsters, and a glass of crisp white wine.
National Language French
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Cherbourg

The Gatteville lighthouse in France

Cherbourg, France, Gatteville Lighthouse

Afternoon Foray

Afternoon Foray

Take the 30-minute drive to the 1,000-year-old city Barfleur. Stroll the picturesque streets lined with granite cottages. See the Norman architecture of the Church of Saint-Nicolas. Then, walk out to the Phare de Gateville, the third-tallest lighthouse in the world.

A black tip shark swimming

Cherbourg, France, Black Tip Shark

Dive Into Learning

Dive Into Learning

The docks where the Titanic stopped are close to the harbor — visit them once your Cherbourg cruise arrives. Continue your educational tour at the Cite de la Mer museum. Here, you can learn more about Cherbourg's maritime history, including an exhibit dedicated to the Titanic, and see blacktip reef sharks and other ocean life at the aquarium.

Yellow flowers on a cliff in Cherbourg, France

Cherbourg, France, Yellow flowers on a cliff

Hike With History

Hike up Roule Mountain to the Musee de la Liberation, where you'll learn more about the liberation of Normandy and Europe during World War II. Ascending to this summit serves a secondary purpose: a stunning panorama of the English Channel.

A dozen oysters on ice with a sliced lemon

Cherbourg, France, Oysters on ice

Local Cuisine

Cherbourg is best-known for its shellfish, especially oysters. But if you're looking for cooked seafood, don't despair. Enjoy local Demoiselles de Cherbourg (miniature lobsters) or the signature dish matelote — a stew of white fish cooked in wine, often made with mussels or shrimp, too. Don't miss dining al fresco in the waterfront area for ocean views when you cruise to Normandy.

A French tea set

Cherbourg, France, Tea Set


Shopping is eclectic in Cherbourg. Find seafaring paraphernalia at the Cite de la Mer museum shop. Cruise to France and check out Saint-James Boutique for iconic striped mariniere sweatshirts. And don't miss Sweet Cabana, where you'll find antique porcelain and earthenware from nearby England, as well as decorative antiques from China and Japan.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Looking for some time by the waves? Iconic Utah Beach sits less than an hour from Cherbourg.
2 Cherbourg enjoys mild year-round weather, but it rains relatively often, so buy an umbrella or poncho if you didn't pack one.

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