A panoramic harbor view in Sete, France

Cruise to Sete, France

Think France's Mediterranean coast is all about fancy yachts and glamorous movie stars? The port town of Sete will make you think again. Understated and unpretentious, Sete sits along the coast of France's laid-back Occitanie region. No matter how long your stop in Sete lasts, a stroll through this humble harbor will feel like hitting the most satisfying reset button with your Sete cruise. Once you've taken in Sete's charming port and canal-filled Old Town, hike to the view point at Mont St.-Clair, or sit down at the shore for a lunch of oysters harvested from nearby Thau Lagoon.
National Language French
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Sete

The Royal Canal in Sete, France

Sete, France, Royal Canal

Quays and Canals

Quays and Canals

The most striking feature of central Sete is the system of canals that crisscross its old town. You'll find shops, kiosks and museums on the quays jutting out into the water. Start at the broad Canal Royal, built in the 17th century during the reign of King Louis XIV.

A pristine beach in Sete, France

Sete, France, Pristine beach

Be a Beach Bum

Be a Beach Bum

Easily accesible from town center, Sete's beaches offer fine white sand and sprawling vistas. Lazaret beach is the closest to town center. Other popular spots include the long Plage des Quilles and the smaller Plage de la Corniche, located along a scenic oceanfront boulevard.

A coastal graveyard overlooking the ocean in Sete, France

Sete, France, Coastal graveyard

Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Why not do something a little strange while in Sete? Less than 30 minutes by foot from the port, the Cimetiere Marin offers a captivating duality: gorgeous ocean views in contrast with rows of graves dating back to the 1600s.

A white plate with a half dozen oysters on ice

Sete, France, Half Dozen Oysters

Local Cuisine

Seafood is the specialty in Sete, especially oysters and mussels, which live in the Thau Lagoon just offshore. Feeling adventurous? Try bourride de lotte a la Setois, a monkfish stew, or la tielle Setoise, a flaky-crust octopus pie. The best-loved restaurants are located conveniently near the port.

An assortment of lavender soaps in France

Sete, France, Lavender Soaps


If you're looking for a quirky souvenir, visit the unique Bad George's shop in the heart of the Old Town, where you can find distinctive Sete-themed t-shirts, tote bags and more. Cruise to Sete, France to shop for traditional south-of-France souvenirs, including soaps scented with local lavender, at Le Pavois Setois near Corniche Beach.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Sete's lack of mass tourism is charming, but it also means people here are less likely to speak English and not as accustomed to assisting tourists as those in, say, Cannes or Marseilles.
2 If you happen to be visiting Sete in late August, check out Fete de Saint Louis, a festival dedicated to the local pastime of water jousting.

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