Panoramic view of a lavender field in Provence, France

Cruise to Provence (Toulon), France

Situated on the French Riviera, Toulon is more about small-town charm and natural beauty than glitz and glamor. As you pull into the city's huge natural harbor, you'll see towering Mont Faron — after you dock, take the 6-minute cable car ride to the summit, where you'll be greeted to sweeping views of the Mediterranean and the city below. Cruise to Provence to stroll down the Cours Lafayette and take in the smells of oregano, thyme and freshly baked pastries from the local street vendors. Then, explore the city's naval heritage — it's been the French Navy's base for over 500 years — at the Musee de la Marine, or take a boat tour of the Rade de Toulon, the city's military harbor.
National Language French
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Provence (Toulon)

Panoramic view of Toulon, France

Provence (Toulon), France, Panoramic view

Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights

Mont Faron offers incredible views combined with deep history. Take the cable car to the top and explore the various forts and towers before trekking through the nature. There's also a zoo located at the summit. If you decide to drive up, just know that the road is one of the most challenging stages of the Tour Mediterranean cycling race.

Exterior walls on Fort Faron in France

Provence (Toulon), France, Fort Faron

Military Might

Military Might

Musee Memorial du Debarquement, at the top of Mont Faron, commemorates the Allied invasion of the Provence coast. This military museum is filled with maps, models, photography, uniforms, equipment and anything else to do with military might. You can buy a combined ticket with the cable car.

The Toulon harbor in France

Provence (Toulon), France, Harbor

Cliffs and Coastline

Beyond the harbor, you'll find a wonderful series of coastal walking paths that take you from east to west in style. The Sentier des Couaniers was laid in the early 19th century to assist customs officials in catching smugglers. Follow the trails into hidden coves and onto natural terraces and cliffs overlooking the sea.

Soft cheese with ham on a crouton

Provence (Toulon), France, Ham and cheese crouton

Local Cuisine

Toulon's street markets are the best place to discover the local delicacies. Cours Lafayette is a lengthy pedestrian street that stretches right down to the harbor and is open every day except Monday — pick up ingredients for a simple picnic lunch of fresh figs, local olives and fromage de chevre (goat cheese). During your cruise to Provence, snack on socca, the Provencal wood-fired chickpea pancake with olive oil and sea salt, with a glass of crisp white wine.

Dried lavender hanging in Provence, France

Provence (Toulon), France, Dried lavender


For a small city, Toulon has some great shopping opportunities. There's a large mall, but for more unique shopping, try the Old Town and Rue Jean-Jaures — keep an eye out for local herbes de provence and dried lavender for your home. If vintage is your thing, head to Noush, a treasure trove of carefully selected fashions, such as silk scarves and leather purses, shoes and belts.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Boule, the French version of bocce, is extremely popular here — join a game in one of the many courts found in Toulon.
2 Keep an eye out for great public art, including the Card Gamer's sculpture in Raimu Square.

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