Aerial view of Lithuania's coast on the Baltic Sea

Cruise to Klaipeda, Lithuania

When your cruise docks Klaipeda, on Lithuania's Curoanian coast, you might feel as if you've stepped into another world. One of Europe's best-kept beach secrets, Klapeida is as much about pristine scenery as it is the intricate Fachwerk architecture of its charming Old Town. Here you'll find the Curonian Spit sandbar and the sparkling Curoanian Lagoon just behind it. The smell of fresh sea air will invigorate you as you ascend the 13th-century remains of Klaipeda Castle with Baltic cruises. Later, dig into a plate of fish dumplings at a charming portside restaurant.
National Language Lithuanian
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Klaipeda

Buildings in Klaipeda, Lithuania's Old Town

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Buildings In Old Town



The overarching architectural feature of Old Town Klaipeda is half-timbered Fachwerk, but the smaller details are just as fascinating. See the Klaipeda Castle ruins, which recall the Teutonic period of medieval Lithuania, and check out the famous statue of Lithuanian folk hero Anike in Theater Square.

A sculpture in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Sculpture

Surreal Stroll

Surreal Stroll

Head to Martynas Mazvydas Sculpture Park, adjacent to the city's main bus station. Here, you'll find more than 100 stone sculptures, many of which are in a surrealist style, and all of which make great backdrops for an afternoon stroll or picnic.

A bicycle resting on a pole at a beach in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Bicycle

Spitting Distance

Although it's just 10 minutes by ferry from central Klaipeda, the idyllic Curonian Spit feels like another world. Stroll or bike along white-sand beaches, dip your toes into the refreshing waters of both the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon or visit with local fishermen.

A plate of fried cepelinai

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Fried Cepelinai

Local Cuisine

Klaipeda's cuisine brings sophistication to the traditional, blending the hearty fare of Eastern Europe with the light, refreshing flavors of the sea. Head to the Old Town to taste savory Cepelinai potato dumplings and borscht served with dark rye bread. Or head to the waterfront area and share a whole roasted sea bass or a generous plate of mussels, often served with French fries, at a harborside restaurant.

An assortment of traditional souvenir bells

Klaipeda, Lithuania, Traditional Bell Souvenir


The Baltic cruise region is home to one of the world's largest amber deposits, and Klaipeda's Autentic sells one-of-a-kind jewelry and keepsake pieces made from it. Or take a piece of the town's handmade history with you after sifting through the impressive collection at Klaipeda Antique Shop. Decorative clay bells are one of the region's signature trinkets.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Klaipeda's Old Town is a living museum, but you can also visit the History Museum of Lithuania Minor to learn the full history of Klaipeda.
2 Enjoy a swim at Smiltyne beach, a two-minute ferry ride from the Old Town, if you don't have time to travel to the Curonian Spit.
3 Nthuaniao time for lunch? Sample iconic Cheese Fingers at Senamiestis Bar, and wash them down with a refreshing Lin Kalnapilis beer.

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