An aerial view of the South Stack lighthouse in Wales

Cruise to Holyhead, Wales

The largest town on the isle of Anglesey in Wales, Holyhead is all about outdoor adventures and ancient history. Separated from mainland Wales by a narrow channel, the town's international port is just a short 2 hour ferry ride from Dublin. Cruise to Wales and stroll through Holyhead's ancient town center, built around Saint Cybi's Church, which dates back to 550 AD and was built on the site of the Roman fort Caer Gybi Roman. Walk along the still-standing fort walls, or head just outside town for some coasteering — an adventure along the sea cliffs that involves light rock climbing, sea cave exploration and (for the brave) even a dive into the waves.
National Language Welsh, English
Currency Accepted Pound Sterling (GBP)

Things To Do in Holyhead

A stone hut at Breakwater Park in Holyhead, Wales

Holyhead, Wales, Breakwater Park Stone Hut

Throw It (Way, Way) Back

Throw It (Way, Way) Back

Immerse yourself in all things historic and prehistoric in Holyhead. After you've seen the Roman-era fort walls and the church dating back to 550 AD, head to even more ancient sites — there's a neolithic burial chamber at Trefignath, a mile and half outside town, and a group of Bronze-Age huts on the south slope of Holyhead Mountain.

The view of Holyhead and the harbor from the top of Holyhead mountain

Holyhead, Wales, View from Holyhead Mountain

Park It

Park It

Holyhead Breakwater Country Park has something for everyone. Check out the wildlife and industrial exhibitions, then explore the Rocky Coast and the lake Llyn Llwynog. The park offers access to both South Stack island and Holyhead Mountain, and walks here are perfect for families.

The South Stack Lighthouse in Wales

Holyhead, Wales, South Stack Lighthouse

Get On Island Time

South Stack is an island located off the Holy Island coast. It's famous for its lighthouse, which you can visit by crossing a footbridge. South Stack's cliffs support large colonies of seabirds — catch a glimpse of the puffins from Ellin's Tower with your Irish Sea cruise.

Four welsh griddle cakes on a blue and white plate

Holyhead, Wales, Welsh Griddle Cake

Local Cuisine

Holyhead's dining scene is impressively eclectic. Head to Wavecrest Cafe for traditional Welsh griddle cakes, and hit up the Harbourfront Bistro for modern British cuisine, with lots of local seafood and slow-cooked lamb and beef. Interested in Indian cuisine? Locals love Nuha Tandoori.

Miniature traditional homes souvenirs

Holyhead, Wales, Traditional Home Souvenirs


Head to the streets lining the Old Harbour or take the drive to nearby Anglesey to find independent boutiques stocked with unique souvenirs and giftware. Seek out distinctive finds at vintage furniture stores. Pick up locally made decorations for your home or kitchen as many cruise ship visitors do. There's even a traditional watch and clock shop if you're looking to upgrade your timepiece.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Driving is the best way to reach South Stack and Holyhead Golf Club.
2 Be prepared with extra layers — Britain's coastline is known for being windy and a bit chilly year-round.

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