Aerial view of Glasgow, Scotland

Cruise to Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland

Heralded as one of the world's friendliest cities, Glasgow is Scotland's cultural capital. It's also Scotland's biggest city, surpassing even Edinburgh. Glasgow experienced a cultural boom from the 18th to 20th century, giving birth to the ornate Victorian and Art Nouveau architecture you see here today. With your Glasgow, Scotland cruise check out Killingrove Art Gallery and Museum in the city's West End. You'll encounter everything from the remains of prehistoric mammals to mind-bending Dali paintings. Explore the city's deeper history in the East End, where you'll find Glasgow Cathedral, a monument of 12th-century Gothic design. Glasgow is also a UNESCO City of Music — stop into one of the 130 music events that are held here each week at venues like the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
National Language English, Scots
Currency Accepted Pound Sterling (GBP)

Things To Do in Glasgow (Greenock)

View of Kelvingrove Museum and Glasgow University in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow University

Get Artsy

Get Artsy

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is Glasgow's (and Scotland's) finest museum, with over 8,000 pieces from artists like Monet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art is known for its contemporary collection. There's also the Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Burrell Collection and Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery.

A vintage ship docked next to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland, Riverside Museum

Hang by the Riverside

Hang by the Riverside

Late architect Zaha Hadid designed the Riverside Museum, which won European Museum of the Year Award in 2013. It houses the former — and beloved — Museum of Transport's collection, which includes trams, rockets, locomotives, prams and more. There's also The Tall Ship, a restored 19th-century sailing ship with maritime-themed exhibitions.

Two musicians performing an acoustic show

Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland, Acoustic Performers

Vibe in the Live Music

Glasgow is Scotland's home for live music. Check out Stereo, a local favorite with good food and almost daily performances. On the Southside, head to the the Glad Cafe, an eatery, music venue and arts space. Or head to the popular venue/pub Blackfriars.

A white plate with haggis and gravy

Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland, Haggis Dish

Local Cuisine

Glasgow's cuisine is inspired by the traditions of Scottish fare. Try haggis — a savory pudding of meat, offal, oats and spices — with its traditional accompaniment, neeps and tatties (local parlance for turnips and potatoes). Cruise to Glasgow, Scotland and head to the districts north of the River Clyde to explore the city's budding gastronomic scene. Farm-to-table spots serve up inspired takes on Scottish flavors, like rabbit terrine flavored with prunes and Laphroaig or confit duck leg with barley risotto.

A pocket watch on a chain

Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland, Pocket Watch


Buchanan Street is Glasgow's shopping hub. Head to the Buchanan Galleries for designer fashions and Princes Square for stylish boutiques during your cruise. Explore Glasgow's Style Mile in the city center, which has everything from independent boutiques to flagship stores. Janet and John in Glasgow's West End neighborhood stocks art, stationery, Celtic jewelry and home wares from many Scottish designers.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Depending on your time, itinerary and preferences, Glasgow is less than one hour by bus from Edinburgh.
2 Always have correct change if taking a public bus, as many drivers won't have (or give you) change.

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