A river running through scenic Dean Village in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cruise to Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland

Called the Athens of the North, Edinburgh has all the culture and beauty you'd expect from that title. Here you'll find the best of central eastern Scotland: spectacular views, rolling hills, medieval architecture and, as the Scots like to say, "another blooming castle" — there are a lot of them here. Check out famed Edinburgh Castle, a medieval fortress situated upon the city's lookout Castle Rock. Then, embrace Edinburgh's modern side on Victoria street, where you can window-shop for hip fashions and stimulate your sense of taste (and smell) at one of the local cheesemongers.
National Language English, Scots
Currency Accepted Pound Sterling (GBP)

Things To Do in Edinburgh (Newhaven)

A glass of Scotch whisky

Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland, A glass of scotch whisky

Down the Hatch

Down the Hatch

By the time you leave the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile, you'll be a (rather happy) expert on the best hard stuff old Scotland has to offer. Opt for the gold tour — you'll get the biggest bang for your Euro, with five single-malt tastings.

The Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland, Palace of Holyrood

Royal Glimpse

Royal Glimpse

Tour lavish Holyrood Palace, the 16th-century building that serves as the British royal residence in Scotland. Then, check out the HMY Britannia, the Queen's floating royal residence — you'll get a glimpse into the bedroom of Princess Di and Prince Charles, as well as Prince William's childhood wombat stuffy, all preserved as they once were.

A sign pointing to May King's Close in Edinburgh

Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland, Mary Kings Close Sign

Beware of Ghosts

Head to the Old Town and get spooked as a guide walks you through the eerie side of this storied city. Hear the tales of the ghosts that roam the Mary King's Close, and explore the archaeological evidence that's stranger than fiction.

A baked leg of lamb on a white plate with a side of potatoes

Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland, A baked leg of lamb

Local Cuisine

Dining in Edinburgh is about more than haggis. Sure, you can try the classic Scottish savory pudding of meat, offal, oats, onions and spices cased in a sheep's bladder — and you'll probably be surprise at how tasty the stuff is. But you'll also find modern spins on local and traditional ingredients, like lamb served with heritage potato and wild garlic or Shetland Islands cod with grilled leeks.

An assortment of rolled scarves for sale in Edinburgh

Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland, Rolled scarves


Scotland produces some of the finest textiles in the world — don't miss a chance to buy a knit or cashmere sweater or some tweeds and tartan duds. Try the Edinburgh Woollen Mill or Ragamuffin. Insider's tip: The charity shops have textile and antique treasures you won't find anywhere else.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Edinburgh slang: If you're asking for directions and are told "I don't have a Scooby," it just means they don't know.
2 Wear your walking shoes — both the new and old neighborhoods are best seen on foot.

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