View of Castle Cornet in Saint Peter Port, Channel Islands

Cruise to St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Europe's prettiest harbor town is home to over 800 years of history. St. Peter Port's cobblestone streets, picturesque marina and historic attractions make it a perfect destination for everyone. Start your day by stepping back into time at Castle Cornet, a fortress dating back to the 1200s — perched atop a hill, the castle offers panoramic views of the harbor. Then, explore Hauteville House, home to French writer Victor Hugo. You can see Hugo's statue as you stroll through Candie Gardens, a Victorian public garden full of brightly colored flowers and fish ponds. Or find a charming seaside cafe to relax in with a fresh crab sandwich and watch the fishing boats go by.
National Language English
Currency Accepted Guernsey Pound (GGP), Pound Sterling (GBP)

Things To Do in St. Peter Port

The interior of Castle Cornet in Saint Peter Port, Channel Islands

St. Peter Port, Channel Islands, Castle Corney Interior

Scale the Castle

Scale the Castle

The royal fortress of Castle Cornet has kept the town and harbor of St. Peter Port safe for eight centuries. Explore the historic battlements, and enjoy breath-taking views towards the other islands. Then, wander the four formal gardens recreated in period styles from 17th to 19th centuries.

The Island Archives building in Saint Peter Port, Channel Islands

St. Peter Port, Channel Islands, Archives Building

Literature Meets Architecture

Literature Meets Architecture

Walk the halls of the Hauteville House, which was once home to the 19th-century French writer Victor Hugo. From the third-floor lookout, you can see panoramic views of the channel and the architecture of St. Peter Port. The Guernsey Island Archives, one of St. Peter Ports's most distinctive buildings, is right next door.

The Victorian Candie Gardens flowers in Saint Peter Port, Channel Islands

St. Peter Port, Channel Islands, Victorian Candie Gardens

Sweet as Candie

Stroll the charming cobblestone streets of St. Peter Port's old town up to Candie Gardens. Once the formal gardens of a private home, they're now open for the public to enjoy. The tearoom has lovely views over the town and across to neighbouring islands. You'll also find the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery here.

A crab cake sandwich with a side of french fries and cole slaw

St. Peter Port, Channel Islands, Crab Cake Sandwich

Local Cuisine

St. Peter Port's location in the Channel Islands makes it the perfect place to taste both British and French food. Enjoy a fresh crab sandwich from one of the many beach side stalls, or stop into a chip shop for classic British fish and chips. Head to an upscale restaurant on the pier for higher-end fare like roasted sea bass with lime and ginger or pan-fried brill filet with lemon butter.

Antique copper cans

St. Peter Port, Channel Islands, Antique copper cans


Head to the Old Quarter for your share of antique shops and locally crafted goods, including traditional copper milk cans and sweaters made from much-loved Guernsey wool. With many family-run business, no two shops are alike. Or check out High Street, lined with small boutiques, gift shops and larger, well-known stores.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 If you visit in October or November, you'll end up eating cheaper because of the Tennerfest, a popular food festival, where restaurants put out set menus.
2 Take a cycling tour to explore the island in a fun, active way. There are several types of tours for all fitness levels.

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