View of the white cliffs of Dover at the Seven Sisters National Park

Cruise to Dover, England

Dover is England's place of poetry. Immortalized in Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach," this port town in County Kent holds remnants of England's ancient past. See Richborough Roman Fort — founded after the Romans invaded Britain in 43 A.D., it became a shore fort when the Saxons took it over in the year 277. Check out Dover Castle, a medieval fortress dating back to the 11th century, where you can see the Roman Lighthouse or climb the Great Tower. Cruise to Dover, England and be sure to explore the White Cliffs of Dover — an iconic piece of the British landscape that witness both the Roman invasion and the return of forces from Dunkirk in World War II.
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Things To Do in Dover

Aerial view of the white cliffs of Dover, England

Dover, England, White Cliffs

Walk the White Cliffs

Walk the White Cliffs

The chalk composition of the White Cliffs of Dover gives them their stunning natural appearance. Walk along the cliff top to soak in the views of the busy English Channel and French coast. Or carry a book in your back pocket and wander aimlessly through a field of green.

Aerial view of Dover Castle in Dover, England

Dover, England, Dover Castle Aerial

Castle Crawl

Castle Crawl

Dover Castle dates back to the 11th century. Its Great Tower is fantastically furnished to resemble a medieval court — performers included. The castle is also home to the Secret Wartime Tunnels. Built during Napoleonic times, the tunnels were used until the end of WWII, where you can now find exhibits inside tracing their history.

An assortment of five different bronze age tools

Dover, England, Bronze Age Tools

Museum Medley

Dover Museum is free, with exhibitions on Dover's history from the Stone Age to the Saxons and the town's growth since medieval times. Then, there's the award-winning Bronze Age Boat Gallery, which is home to the world's oldest known seagoing boat. The Dover Museum Shop is also stocked with souvenirs such as postcards and figurines.

Grilled shrimp on a black board

Dover, England, Grilled Shrimp

Local Cuisine

Dover's dining options range from traditional, no-frills eateries to hip urban bistros. Naturally, seafood is a specialty — try shell-on local king prawns or whitebait, lightly battered and fried golden-brown. Cruise to Dover, England and head to a pub for English fish pie, with smoked cod, haddock or halibut in bechamel sauce with mashed potatoes, covered in flaky puff pastry.

Assorted porcelain china cups and plates

Dover, England, Porcelain China


The Vintage Bubble, located inside The Wrong End of Town, is Dover's only handmade and personalized gift shop. It stocks gifts for everyone (including pets), with handmade home furnishings and an extensive collection of wooden toy boxes. Head to Pebbles Kiosk for Dover souvenirs or De Bradelei Wharf for an outlet shopping center during your England cruise.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Remember to bring extra layers year-round if walking along the White Cliffs of Dover.
2 It's fortunately very easy to walk between Dover sights, so don't worry about hiring a vehicle.

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