Coral reefs in the water at the Cliffs of Jokin on Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Cruise to Lifou, Loyalty Islands

The largest of three islands in the diverse Loyalty Island coral archipelago, Lifou is surrounded by secluded coral reefs, limestone grottoes and powdery white beaches. The locals protect their coral reefs with reverence — head to Jinek Bay to find some of the world's most beautiful and untouched coral gardens. Cruise to Lifou and take a dip in the natural pool at Jinek, surrounded by steep cliffs, or go snorkeling with the vast array of tropical fish. Stroll the village of Easo, and visit the Notre Dame de Lourdes church, dating back to 1898 — its cliff-top perch is the perfect spot for views of the coral sea.
National Language Drehu, French
Currency Accepted CFP Franc (XPF)

Things To Do in Lifou

An assortment of reef fish in the ocean

Lifou, Loyalty Islands, Reef fish

Rainbow of Fish

Rainbow of Fish

Jinek Bay is a marine reserve, a natural swimming pool and a delightful aquarium. In its aquamarine waters, you'll snorkel among 2,000 varieties of fish darting around the pristine coral reef. Each visitor makes a donation that goes towards the upkeep of this natural marvel.

A beach at Easo in Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Lifou, Loyalty Islands, Easo Beach

Wander the Water's Edge

Wander the Water's Edge

Lifou's beaches are long stretches of postcard perfection. Sand as soft as talc powder and oceans as blue as the lapis lazuli will tempt you to stay forever. Luengoni Beach is a prime spot to work on your island tan. If you want to do some exploring, take a special tour of the nearby limestone caves.

A traditional hut on a beach on Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Lifou, Loyalty Islands, Traditional hut

Get Cultural

Native culture still thrives in Lifou. The Melanesian people on the island follow a meaningful traditional way of life in harmony with nature. Find out more about their culture by visiting one of the traditional huts — while most are private, a few are marked with signposts that invite visitors to view them, including one on the route to Notre Dame de Lourdes church.

Grilled fish in a banana leaf

Lifou, Loyalty Islands, Grilled fish in banana leaf

Local Cuisine

Try the native dish bougna, a melt-in-your-mouth combination of crab and island yams cooked to perfection in banana leaves during your Lifou cruise. The dish is sometimes served with chicken instead of seafood and often contains sweet fruits like taro or pawpaw. The marketplace is near the port and is the perfect place to grab lunch on the go.

An assortment of colorful necklaces for sale

Lifou, Loyalty Islands, Colorful necklaces


At the open-air marketplace, you'll find vendors dressed in traditional island garb selling native creations. The local culture is called Kanak, and they create beautiful tribal masks and jewelry you can take home as a keepsake. While you shop, grab a freshly hulled coconut to stay hydrated island-style.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Respect the culture of the island, and always ask before entering a beach, grotto or hut.
2 Chemicals in sunscreen can harm baby coral, so make sure you wear coral-safe sunscreen.

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