Islands off the coast of Zadar, Croatia

Cruise to Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is one of the Dalmatian Coast’s best-kept secrets— and adventure in this tucked-away treasure teems with centuries of charm. As the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city, its timeworn history is perpetually on display among old city walls and Venetian gates. And its zany way of life keeps this dynamic city thriving today, from the waterfront Riva promenade to the untouched surrounding islands. One minute you might mingle over coffee in People’s Square, the next plunge into turquoise waters off Ugljan Island. You can enter church treasuries, bicycle around Old Town, or check out fascinating museum exhibits. Adventure in Zadar leads you away from the crowds to discover off-the-beaten-path wonders.
National Language Croatian
Currency Accepted Croatian Kuna (HRK)

Things To Do in Zadar

Ancient Roman landmarks in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia Ancient Landmarks



Walk around the largest Roman Forum on the Adriatic Sea’s eastern shore. Trace Zadar’s ancient history dating back to the first Roman Emperor Augustus, viewing Roman towers, an old aqueduct, temples and colonnades in the area that’s remained the hub of city life since the 1st century BC.

The famous Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia Sea Organ



Be awed by the world’s only Sea Organ, as you listen to the waves create whistling melodies through a series of underwater pipes and perforated stone stairs. Nearby you can also enjoy the illuminated glass tiles of architect Nikola Bašić’s ‘Greeting to the Sun’ monument, glowing from its solar-sensitive properties.

Aerial view of the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Zadar, Croatia Plitvice Lakes


Head away from the coast to explore Croatia’s national parks and outdoor adventures. Go rock climbing in Paklenica National Park and splash around Plitvice Lakes’ watering holes and cascading waterfalls. Discover caverns in Krka National Park— or dive deep into the effervescent waters of Kornati National Park.

Cuttlefish risotto on a plate

Zadar, Croatia Cuttlefish Risotto

Local Cuisine

Whether you dine amid the old city walls or along the picturesque harbor, seafood is served fresh from the Adriatic— salt-baked fish and brodetto (fish casserole) are popular local dishes. Try signatures like crni rižot (cuttlefish ink risotto) or pršut (Dalmatian smoked ham). Zadar is also known for its earthy truffles, fig cake, Croatian white wine and sweet Maraschino cherry liqueur.

Table cloths and knit goods at a street market in Croatia

Zadar, Croatia Street Market


Zadar is home to one of Dalmatia’s largest city markets. Here you’ll find farmers selling salty Pag cheese, olive oil, Croatian wine and fruit brandy— plus local craftspeople hawk homemade lace tablecloths. A handful of boutiques sell Croatian fashions, while Galerija Morsky is widely known for its artwork.

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